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October 28, 2021 7:26 AM

New Spells
Dj the GM
Posted at
Sep 28, 2021 02:00 PM
Other new priestly incantations:

Animate Objects [Concentration]; Cost: 7; Range: 60 feet; Duration: Up to 1 minute
Objects come to life at the priest's command. The caster chooses up to “six” nonmagical objects within range that are not being worn, carried or influenced by anyone's lifesong, and by doing so new “creatures” come to life. The size of the object affects the actual number of objects that can be animated. Small objects (a chest, chairn weapons) count as two objects. Medium targets (a four-person table, human-sized statue, heavy-weapons) count as four objects. Large targets (a cart or plow) count as six objects. Bigger objects are unaffected by this incantation. Each objects are under the priest's control until the spell ends or until reduced to zero Body points. By concentration, the priest controls the actions of each of the creature-objects which occurs on each of the following turns belonging to the cleric, but the objects must remain within range of the caster. However, because of the required concentration, the priest cannot use reactions or cast new spells; however, other actions are permitted, such as attacks or item-use.
Tiny 2417d20-1;light weapon
Small 3614d20;light weapon
Medium 510122d20;medium weapon
Large 716103d20;heavy weapon
An animated object is a construct with statistics determined by its size. Constructs are completely immune to Mind- and Spirit-based attacks. Further, constructs cannot be healed by most magic, unless the description specifically states. Animated objects do not have vision as their awareness is based solely on the priest. They are further immune to poison, sleep effects, paralysis, stunning, disease, death effects, and necromancy effects. Constructs do not eat, sleep, or breathe. An animated objects speed is 30 feet; if the object lacks legs or other appendages it can use for locomotion, it instead has a flying speed of 30 feet and can hover. If the object is securely attached to a surface or a larger object, such as a chain bolted to a wall, its movement would be zero. When the animated object drops to zero Body points, it reverts to its original object form, and any remaining damage carries over to its original object form. If attacking, an object can make a single melee attack against a creature within 5 feet of it. It makes a slam attack and delivers blunt damage; however, the GM might rule that a specific object inflicts slashing or piercing damage based on its form.

Chancel; Cost: 10; Range: 60 feet; Duration: 24 hours
The incantation makes an area within range extremely secure. The area is a cube that can be as small as 5 feet to as large as 30 feet on each side. The spell lasts for the duration or until you use an action to dismiss it. When cast, the pontiff decides what sort of security the spell provides, choosing any or all of the following properties:
• Sound is unable to pass through the barrier at the edge of the warded area.
• The barrier of the warded area appears dark and foggy, preventing vision, vibration and smell (including darkvision, devil sight, blindsight and tremorsense) through it.
• Magical sensors and scrying are unable to breach inside the protected area or pass through the barrier at its perimeter.
• Nothing can teleport into or out of the warded area.
• Planar travel is blocked within the warded area.

Commune With Thought; Cost: 11; Range: Self; Duration: Instantaneous
With this power, the priest reaches a connection with cosmic thoughts and intellect, as an energy reservoir from of “thought incarnate” collected from gods, spirits and greater entities. This permits the priest to gain instant knowledge, learning up to three facts of his or her choice. This can be formed as a question or be given a general fact defined below:
QuestionGeneral Fact
Does a specific location or being exists?The shortest, most direct physical route to a known location
Which plane of existence has the strongest influence on the area within a 2-mile radius?The general location of a known being
Does a particular material (gold, water, mythril, etc) exist in a known location?Information about a known animal, mutant or person in a known location
Who is the most powerful entity within a 2-mile radius?All the magical properties of an item in possession
What is the terrain and bodies of water like in a specified location?Prevalent resources found in specified location or city
Answer to a yes/no question, but could receive “unclear” as a resultGeneral wildlife or civilian life in a specified location or city

Divine Lock; Cost: 2; Range: Touch; Duration: 1 month
The priest creates a semi-material locking mechanism to secure a specific item touched, which could be a chest, door, or window, basically anything a standard lock could protect, even if the object doesn’t have a clasp. The caster gains the ability for the month duration to touch it to open or close as desired. Additionally, the priest can grant this opening ability to one other person. Further if examined by detect magic its magical property will be revealed; however, it will not identify as metal despite its appearance. Due to the magical nature of the divine lock, it will prevent the item from being used in an animate objects incantation. Finally, it exists for one month or until destroyed. If picked, the lock axiom has a DC:15 and is destroyed if successful.

Twist of Fate; Cost: 3; Range: 30 feet; Duration: Special
This power is used as a reaction to slightly perturb the course of reality in an unpredictable way. Whenever the priest or any creature viewable within 30 feet rolls a d20 for any reason: attack, save, feat, etc., the priest can use a reaction cast this incantation forcing any of the dice used to roll a new d20 to replace it. It can only affect a single d20, even if in a set of a group rolled. The reaction may performed this after the die is rolled but before the outcome is determined; the outcome is then immediately determined using this new roll. Should the replacement die be a “natural 1” then even the chance skill cannot overturn that result.
Dj the GM
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Sep 28, 2021 08:48 AM
New priestly incantations under the Sky and Light domain:

Air Steps; Cost: 5; Range: Self; Duration: 10 minutes
When cast, the priest is able to defy gravity, fly, levitate and navigate the air as if walking with his or her normal movement rate. However, this ability is limited to being under the open sky. While it can be performed inside an urban building, it cannot be used underground.

Favorable Wind; Cost: 2 ; Range: 30 feet; Duration: 10 seconds
The priest selects herself or an ally within 30 feet. If the next action is a ranged attack, guiding winds will aid the attack, granting advantage. If the next action is not a range attack or the power is not used by the end of the following round, then the benefit is lost.

Sky Drop; Cost: 8; Range: Line of sight, roughly 3 miles; Duration: Instantaneous
With this incantation the priest flies upwards at supersonic speeds and landing at a new destination, effectively teleporting. The destination can be as far away as can be seen by an unobscured line of sight, which is approximately three miles on level ground. This transport is always on target, but can only be used if the open sky is directly overhead.

Updraft [reaction]; Cost: 2; Range: 30 feet; Duration: Instantaneous
Used as a reaction, this incantation can be cast against a creature within 30 feet that the priest can see in direct line of sight. This causes a sudden rush of wind to gush just as a range attack is attempted. This causes disadvantage on that attack roll. The player should declare the reaction prior to the attacker's dice being rolled.

Zephyr Dancing; Cost: 6; Range: 20 feet; Duration: Instantaneous
This summons two streams of swirling wind which envelops a single target within 20 feet. If the victim is of size category large or smaller, then it is forced to make a Resilience save against a DC of (d8+10) plus Faith score. Those size category small or tiny must save at disadvantage. If failing the save, the victim is picked up and hurled by the winds, landing prone, slamming into the terrain at a distance for 3d4 points of damage based on the terrain struck. The direction thrown is in a path along the vector between the caster and the victim. The total distance is based on one hex (5 feet) per score of a d6; however, the die score subtracts one hex per size category (tiny: d6-1; small: d6-2; medium: d6:-3; large: d6-4). If the distance calculation results as zero, then the victim is only knocked prone and no damage is inflicted.
Dj the GM
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Sep 28, 2021 01:12 AM
The divine province of Sea/Sky is being separated into two different domains.

Aquatics; Cost: 3; Range: Touch; Duration: 10 minutes
By touching the target, the ability to swim well is conveyed. The recipient temporarily gains webbing around its arms and legs, allowing it movement through water at a rate of 25 feet. This grants a total distance swimmable by this incantation of 1500 feet. However, this does not grant breathing in the water in any way, but it does allow holding one's breath for twice as long as normal; thus, a person with a Resilience score of 4 could dive underwater for ten rounds before the effects of not breathing begin.

Charm Aquatic Life; Cost: 3; Range: 30 feet; Duration: 1 minute
By raising one's holy symbol, the priest causes each aquatic or amphibious creature seen within 30 feet to make a Will save (DC:10). If any creature fails its save, it is charmed for 1 minute or until it takes damage. While it is charmed, it is friendly to the caster and others designated.

Rejuvenating Waters; Cost: 7; Range: Touch; Duration: Permanent
This incantation requires the priest to have access to enough water to fully immerse the recipient, but by doing so, this will heal 2d6 to a single target. However, there is a further chance of expelling negative effects of poison or charm as well. If the recipient is affected by poison, then another save against the type of poison originally inflicted is permitted. If successful, this acts as an anti-venom procedure against the specific poison. If the recipient is under the effects of a charm or even possession, a second save like the original is permitted to remove the effect.

Tsunami; Cost: 11; Range: 60 feet; Duration: Instantaneous
This incantation requires a large body of water such as a lake or ocean; however, by casting it a massive whirlpool is created which causes a wave of water to strike a 10-foot wide space. However, both the target area and the edge of the body of water must both be within the 60-foot range. A direct path from the water to the target area crashes down, potentially effecting 24 hexes. All those in the area suffer 4d4 points of bludgeoning damage and will be knocked prone. Victims are permitted a Strength save (DC:20) to reduce the damage to half and remain standing. Creatures capable of swimming automatically succeed on the save. Wooden buildings and structures in the direct strike require a survival check on a d20 at a DC of 14.

Wall of Water; Cost: 5; Range: 60 feet; Duration: 10 minutes
This power creates a wall of water on the ground at a point seen within range. The wall can be linear up to 30 feet long, 10 feet high, and 1 foot thick; or it can be ringed, up to 20 feet in diameter, 20 feet high, and 1 foot thick. The wall dissipates when the incantation ends, but while manifested, passing through the wall is considered difficult terrain. Further, any ranged weapon attack that passes through the wall acts as if fired at disadvantage on the attack roll. Fire damage passing through the wall is halved. Spells that deal cold damage that pass through the wall cause the area of the wall they pass through to freeze solid - a minimum section being at least a 5-foot-square section. This transforms the section into a barrier, having an AC:8 and 4 Body points. Reducing a frozen section to zero points destroys it and that section is not re-fill by the surrounding water.

Water Summoning; Cost: 7; Range: Special; Duration: 10 minutes
A body of water exceeding 50 gallons must be present and accessible for the priest to stand in. The invocation begins on the first action and is completed at the of the priest's following turn - at which time, the priest summons a water sprite as an ally, who will remain present for the following 10 minutes. The sprite is not controlled by the priest; however, it will act beneficially and as if it is a friend and even fight for the priest's protection. A water sprite cannot be harmed by normal weapons, but silver ones will inflict harm. If the sprite suffers damage to reach zero Body points, its lifesong will leave the embodied water, leaving the plethora of liquid unanimated.

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Dj the GM
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Sep 27, 2021 11:16 PM
The divine province of Earth/Fire is being separated into two different domains; therefore, a few new spells have become available.

Heat Metal; Cost: 3; Range: 30 feet; Duration: Up to 1 minute
The priest selects a single manufactured metal object, such as a plow, a metal door, a metal weapon, or even a suit of armor; however, the object must be in direct line of sight. Concentrating on the object while chanting a prayer causes that one item to heat up to a burning temperature. Any creature in physical contact with the object suffers d2 points of fire damage at the start of the invocation. The priest can continue to chant and concentrate, which will prevent reactions in the interim. However, upon the priest's following turn, the item remains hot and will again inflict fire damage to anyone in contact with it. This continuous of heating the object can be maintained for six actions of inflicting potential damage. The creature in contact may optionally drop or remove the item, time permitting; however, if choosing to stay in contact and suffer the damage, the creature is at disadvantage on attack rolls or skill rolls while the item remains heated. However, if the priest loses concentration or sight of the object, the invocation is instantly broken. This means ways to dispel the effect could vary from running around a corner to becoming veiled to being immersed in a showers or fog of war spell.

Solar Flare; Cost: 5; Range: 60 feet; Duration: 10 seconds
The priest causes light to shine from within himself. As an action, the caster creates a burst of light which originates from the cleric and has a radius of 60 feet. Any creature within 20 feet that is not friendly must roll a Perception save (DC:16) or be blinded for its next 6 actions (1 minute). After the initial blast of light, if used in a dark space, that area will be lit by a bright glow until the end of then priest's next turn.

Sunray; Cost: 9; Range: 40 feet; Duration: Instantaneous
A beam of purifying fire and light emits from the priest, extending 40 feet in a 5-foot wide path. Each creature in the path will be inflicted by 4d4 points of fire damage and be blinded. Undead beings are vulnerable to this attack, making the base damage double the roll against them. However, each victim may make an Agility save against a DC (d8+18) plus the priest’s Faith score to take only half the damage (round down) and avoid being blinded.

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Dj the GM
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Sep 27, 2021 04:44 PM
New Divine Invocations from Halfling Deities

Blessing of Luck and Resolve; Cost 3; Duration: 1 hour
A favored blessing of halfling clerics, this spell grants its target a +2 morale bonus on save against fear and charm effects. If the target has the discipline skill, the incantation conveys a special resistance, meaning if the target fails the save against fear or charm, a reaction can be used to reroll the save with a +4 bonus, but the result must taken, even if it is worse.

Bountiful Chance; Cost 4; Duration: 1 minute
This incantation grants the chance racial skill temporarily up to three humanoid or atavistoid targets. If the priest does not have this as a racial skill, then he or she could be one of the targets.

Breath of Life; Cost 7; Permanent
This incantation will restore 2d6 Body points to a single target; however, unlike other spells that heal damage, breath of life can bring a recently slain creature back to life. If cast upon a creature whose negative score caused death the same round or one round previous, then the Body restoration from the healing applies to the creature as if death never occurred. However, if the healed creature’s total score is still below the death threshold after the healing, then death is imminent. Creatures who are brought back to life through breath of life stabilize at a -1 Body score rather than regaining the benefits of immediately being restored to functioning health and suffer all the same penalties. Further, creatures slain by death effects or who have been petrified cannot be saved by breath of life.

Escape Ward Cost 2; Duration: 1 minute
This incantation grants the priest extra maneuverability when running through melee spaces that might otherwise offer a flee attack. This enchantment only works against foes who are larger by at least one size category above the priest. When running through adjacent spaces, by counting those hexes as difficult terrain, then a larger opponent is unable to use a reaction for a flee attack. Also, the priest is at advantage for any competition to invade the larger creature's space.

Fearsome Duplicate Cost 3; Duration: 2 minutes
The priest creates a larger and far more menacing version of herself that can be sent forth, manipulated like a puppet, and used to interact with others. This glamour has visual and auditory components but no tactile or thermal factors. Further the illusion becomes a larger and far more menacing version of the caster, being up to a large size category. Further, the cleric can determine a theme as to how it alters from the original appearance. However, this duplicate always retains some vestiges of the actual appearance. The duplicate has no actual substance, cannot manipulate the surroundings, or attack or otherwise harm creatures it encounters. The caster can use the duplicate to speak, and interact verbally. Additionally, the priest can see, hear and smell the duplicate's surroundings as if the priest were actually present using your Perception. The caster also remains aware of her own immediate surroundings when controlling the duplicate; however, this does take a toll on the senses. The priest suffers –4 penalty on Perception rolls of things in the original location while controling the image. Maintaining control of the duplicate requires a standard action; however, the duplicate can remain under control even if with no line of sight. The duplicate immediately winks out of existence if it is struck by an attack or in the area of a damaging effect, or if it moves beyond the maximum range of the spell. The illusion has an AC of 10 for attack calculations.

Halfling Vengeance; Cost 2; Duration: 30 seconds
By a successful touch attack against a small or tiny creature, this will deliver d4 points of necrotic damage and inflict a special nerve pinch which means for the victim’s next 3 actions it will not be able to use its Agility bonus as part of its AC calculation.

Opportunity; Cost 2; Duration: 10 seconds
This invocation grants advantage to the recipient's next action. If no action is taken within one round, then the blessing is lost.

Trickster's Blessing; Cost 2; Duration: 10 minutes
While this invocation cannot be cast upon oneself, any ally has his or her armor quieted and gain more freedom of movement. Effectively, this removes the disadvantage of stealth that any armor that has that penalty. It further adds +2 to any stealth roll performed in the duration.
Dj the GM
Posted at
Aug 13, 2021 10:59 AM
Brain Damage; Cost: 2; 60 feet (Requirement: Ego Whip)
Another enhancement of the base mind dagger axiom, the sorcerer selects a foe within the 60-foot range and creates a mental contest with the victim. Each side rolls a d12 adding Logic modifiers to the total. However, the sorcerer also gains +5 to the feat contest. Ties will not prevail, but if the sorcerer outscores the victim, then 3d4 points of Mind damage is inflicted. Moreover, if this attack reduces the victim to zero or lower, then an additional Judgment preservation save is required or some sort of insanity will develop. Creatures who have true mind-shielding or a hidden lifesong cannot be attacked in this way.
Doubled: If double points are used for the casting, then the sorcerer rolls the contest with advantage and gains +6 for the contest instead.
Dj the GM
Posted at
Aug 13, 2021 10:46 AM
Slick; Cost: 1; 30 feet
With this axiom, the sorcerer places an oily material over a 10-ft diameter surface (7 hexes), which acts as difficult terrain. It can be placed over an occupied area. Further, any creature starting its turn in the area or moving into it, must make and Agility feat (sub-quality plus bonuses) against DC:9 or fall prone when attempting to move. Depending on the surface, the oil might be absorbed or dried out after 24 to 48 hours.
Doubled: Doubling the points allows 3 more hexes of slickness to exist at the desired placement of the sorcerer; however, these each must be adjacent to the original seven.
Dj the GM
Posted at
Aug 13, 2021 09:30 AM
Life Static; Cost: 5; Touch (Requirement: Psychic Shield)
This scrambles any reading of the recipient’s lifesong. This grants total immunity to any effect that targets a Mind or Spirit sub-quality; thus, mind-dagger, fear, and the like are ineffective against that target. Further any form of thought-reading, detection of lying, scrying, telepathy, whispering wind or other divinations cannot reach the target or gain information about him or her.
Doubled: Further if twice the points are used for this axiom, then two targets can be affected.
Dj the GM
Posted at
Aug 13, 2021 09:17 AM
Ego Whip; Cost: 3; 60 feet (Requirement: Mind Dagger)
Similar to mind dagger, the sorcerer a foe within the 60-foot range and creates a mental contest with the victim. Each side rolls a d12 adding Perception modifiers to the total. However, the sorcerer also gains +4 to the feat contest. Ties will not prevail, but if the sorcerer outscores the victim, then 2d4 points of Mind damage is inflicted. Creatures who have true mind-shielding or a hidden lifesong cannot be attacked in this way.
Doubled: If double points are used for the casting, then the sorcerer rolls the contest with advantage and gains +6 for the contest instead.
Dj the GM
Posted at
Aug 13, 2021 09:14 AM
Lipo-Shield; Cost: 2; 5 feet
By walking over a surface that is covered by moss, fats or oily substances, which often is considered difficult terrain, the sorcerer can absorb 75 square feet (3 hexes) of the substances. By doing this, it will remove the difficult material and add +1 to the sorcerer’s AC in the “other” category. It will not combine with other magical protections.
Doubled: If using additional points, then 125 square feet (5 hexes) can be absorbed, but it still only grants +1 to AC.
Dj the GM
Posted at
Aug 12, 2021 10:56 AM
Sawtooth; Cost: 3; Touch
When enchanting a melee weapon, until the end of the caster’s third turn after casting, that weapon will be imbued with a special dimensional warp. If successfully striking a target with that weapon and that target is wearing medium or heavy armor, then in addition to the normally inflicted damage from the strike, an ephemeral dimensional breech in the armor exists, effectively lowering the victim’s AC by 1 point. Multiple strikes against the same victim will be cumulative with each strike from that weapon lowering another point. However, power of the weapon and all the holes in everyone’s armor as a result revert to normal at the end of the axiom.
Doubled: Double the points extends the duration of the axiom until the end of the caster’s fifth turn after casting.
Dj the GM
Posted at
Aug 12, 2021 10:41 AM
Sabotage Mark; Cost: 3; 60 feet (Requirement: Fiery Crescendo)
This axiom will infiltrate a victim’s lifesong and select an explosive substance at random, such as explosive oil or high-grade alcohol flask, assuming it is on the being, causing the volatile substance to combust and inflict the like damage upon the target. However, the magic must overcome the protection of the lifesong, allowing the mark to roll a Will preservation save (DC:15) to prevent the explosion. This axiom can also be used against targets not protected by a lifesong, such as a barrel of grain alcohol, which requires no save to combust. It is important to note that no other oils on the target will explode as a result of the initial explosion. Further, only volatile substances can be targeted; it will not light wood or normal combustibles. Explosions are based on the substance; see Explosive Oil in the Market subsection.
Doubled: There is no additional effect for adding points.
Dj the GM
Posted at
Aug 12, 2021 10:15 AM
Ether Wisp; Cost: 4; 60 feet (Requirement: Blink)
Ether wisp is essentially a two-party blink effect. The caster selects a target within 60 feet and instantly trades locations with the target. If the target is unwilling to be teleported, then he or she is allowed an Agility preservation save (DC:15) to avoid the enveloping dimensional portal. If the target won’t or can’t be moved, then the sorcerer remains in the original location.
Doubled: Doubling points has no effect for this axiom.
Dj the GM
Posted at
Aug 12, 2021 09:26 AM
Lava Strike; Cost 3; Self (Requirement: Fire Dart or Burning Hands)
This axiom is a favorite of a battle mage. It empowers the sorcerer for his or her next 3 actions so that any melee attack that successfully strikes a target, including multiple-attack targets, molten sparks spray from the attack. The three hexes behind the victim become subject to damage from the spray. Those in those spaces must roll an Agility preservation save (DC:13) or suffer 2 points of fire damage.
Doubled: If point-pumping, the damage becomes 3 points and the DC increases to 15.

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Dj the GM
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Aug 12, 2021 08:40 AM
Fiery Crescendo; Cost: 2, 60 feet (Requirement: Fire Dart or Burning Hands)
This axiom creates barely visible strands of fire-magic to surround a target. While the enveloping shell does nothing on its own, it has a unique effect if and when the victim falls prone -- it explodes, inflicting a d4 of fire damage to all in the same hex. Thus, if the victim is knocked prone through a grappling maneuver and held, or if a halfing is occupying the same hex, then they would suffer the same fiery damage. However, tripping or knocking the victim unconscious would leave others safe. Additionally, because the magic is uniquely triggered by contact with the ground, being struck by a boulder will also create the explosion, as will being struck by an earth elemental. The contingency has a duration of six rounds, all the while requiring concentration by the caster. This limits the sorcerer from casting other spells and from making reactions.
Doubled: Should 4 Mind points be expended for casting, then the explosive power increases to d6.
Dj the GM
Posted at
Aug 11, 2021 06:03 PM
Geo-Tether; Cost 4; 40 feet (Requirement: Geo-Bond)
The sorcerer selects a target who is currently connected to the ground and creates a mystical anchor. This is almost identical to geo-bond except the recipient is immune to lightning damage for the duration of the axiom, but further the target cannot suffer penalties from tripping, shoving, drive, being knocked prone. Similarly, the recipient cannot be lifted in any way, and moreover, is unable to be teleported, even willingly. Additionally, there are no penalties against grounding and immobilize. However, this axiom still requires concentration of the caster to maintain the effects for six turns.
Doubled: If using twice as many spell points, then two targets may be selected.
Dj the GM
Posted at
Aug 11, 2021 05:51 PM
Geo-Bond; Cost 2; 40 feet
This axiom creates a connection between the target and the earth and lasts through the recipient’s next six turns. For purposes of knocking prone, tripping or shoving (not grappling unless the maneuver results in a prone penalty), the target gains +3 on the competition save. Further, for lifting or driving, the recipient doesn't change in mass, but the effort to lift him or her is calculated at three times the normal weight. This further means that a small Size-Category being might be considered medium if weight is the variable of the restriction. One other benefit is the target becomes resistant to lightning damage for the duration of the axiom. All the effects are lost should the target fly, levitate or otherwise loose contact with the ground. Unfortunately, the recipient does suffer a -2 penalty for saves against grounding and immobilize. Lastly, the axiom requires concentration, meaning reactions from the caster are not possible and neither are new spells.
Doubled: If using four spell points rather than the standard, two targets may be selected.
Dj the GM
Posted at
Aug 11, 2021 02:59 PM
Obsequies; Cost 6; Touch (Requirement: Schmerz)
Self-sacrifice to bring a freshly-dead ally back to life is the purpose of this axiom. When cast, the caster suffers [n] points of necrotic damage to reduce him or her to the exact number that causes death (negative Resilience). That value of points is transferred to the recipient, who is restored to life. If the Body points restored is greater than the recipient’s maximum, then only the maximum amount can be received. Obviously this will only be used in extreme cases and likely only when the caster believes it is possible to be returned to life himself.
Doubled: Doubling points has no effect.
Dj the GM
Posted at
Aug 11, 2021 02:30 PM
Schmerz; Cost 5; 60 feet (Requirement: Dirge Chamber)
When casting schmerz, the caster chooses a target and creates a magical link between their lifesongs. Until the end of the caster’s next three turns, any damage he or she suffers will be shared with that target. The sorcerer still receives the inflicted damage, but a like amount is sent to the recipient as necrotic damage. This occurs every time the caster is harmed by Body damage; other damage or influences do not transfer. However, for each time incoming damage is sent to the target, the victim rolls a Resilience preservation save (DC:15), and if successful, suffers only a single point of damage instead.
Doubled: If doubling the spell points, the duration lasts 60 seconds and the save DC becomes 20.

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Dj the GM
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Aug 11, 2021 02:19 PM
Thanatos; Cost 4; Touch (Requirement: Dirge Chamber)
This necromatic axiom harnesses the lack of lifesong inside a being and replaces it with magical force for the recipient’s next three actions. For each full 10 points from a being’s max Body score, the target gains +1 necrotic damage to each individual melee attack. Thus, if a fighter with 24 Body max has only 4 points remaining, then he or she would gain +2 necrotic damage; this bonus would count towards each of the attacks, but not dice, if multiple attacks were made. If cast again before the duration is up, then the first enchantment is ruined and replaced by the second casting’s values; the bonuses do not stack. Lastly, the recipient a construct or undead; however, all other categories of life can receive the necromancy.
Doubled: Additional points are ineffective for this axiom.
Dj the GM
Posted at
Aug 11, 2021 10:23 AM
Dirge Chamber; Cost 4; Touch (Requirement: Connecronism)
When placed on a target, until the end of that being’s next two turns, unconsciousness and death will not occur due to Body points. However, other effects, such as sleep or failing a stun-attack, are applicable. Further, if after the expiration, the target still has a Body score at or below zero, then he or she will immediately suffer that proper life status. Further, this axiom must be placed upon a conscious being and cannot effect celestials, constructs, elementals, fiends or undead.
Doubled: If double points are used, then duration lasts until the being’s next three turns.
Dj the GM
Posted at
Aug 11, 2021 10:09 AM
Strix Cloud; Cost 2; 60 feet (Requirement: Connecronism)
When casting the strix cloud two shadowy clouds appear, swirling around and attacking a single target within 60 feet. Effectively, this is a 2d20 attack against the victim's AC with no bonuses to hit and each die inflicting a single point of necrotic damage. However, if any d20 does strike, then that glob of necrotic energy adheres itself to the vimtim’s lifesong where upon the caster’s next turn it will drain another point of blood. Since the force is not physical, removing it by hand is not an option. However, it is subject to disrupt thaumaturgy, anti-magic and other similar means.
Doubling If casting with 4 Mind points, then a total of four shadowy clouds attack the victim.
Dj the GM
Posted at
Aug 11, 2021 09:55 AM
Decaying Rot; Cost 2; 10 feet (Requirement: Connecronsim or Vengeance)
This necromancy requires a bit of self-harm, as the caster cuts oneself for 1 point of Body damage. However, the blood from the wound becomes a gaseous infection that strikes at a target within 10 feet (2 hexes). The victim must make a save using Resilience (DC:13) or suffer d4 necrotic points of damage.
Doubled: If double points are used, then 2 points of self-harm are required, but the save becomes DC:15, and the damage is 2d4.
Dj the GM
Posted at
Aug 11, 2021 09:21 AM
Bloated Bomb; Cost 2; 10 feet (Requirement: Connecronism)
By use of this axiom, a freshly dead corpse, within ten minutes, that has not had other necrotic influence such as connecronism or similar effects, will become bloated and roll up to 20 feet in a straight line from its original position, then explode with concussive force. If reaching an occupied hex prior to the intended destination, it will explode in that spot instead. The bloated corpse explodes for a d6 of blunt damage to a single target.
Doubled: If double the spell points are used, then the rolling distance is increased to 40 feet and can maneuver around obstructions on its way to the target.
Dj the GM
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Aug 11, 2021 09:08 AM
Connecronism; Cost 1; Self; Permanent
Delving into the arts of lifesong magic, connecronism allows the sorcerer to heal oneself. By the use of dead body, which must be freshly killed within ten minutes, and the blood of that being, the caster can restore d6 points of Body to himself. However, the body must be one that bleeds and therefore cannot be a construct, celestial, fiend or undead. Some cosmic beings may no bleed, which will be determined by the GM if not specified. Further, this can be performed only once per dead body, after which connecronism will not work for anyone. Lastly, direct contact with the blood must be made, meaning the body may have to be cut. Up to a quart of blood is absorbed by the axiom, swirling around the sorcerer and soaking into his or her body.
Doubled: If doubling the spell points, then Body points restored are determined by a d10.
Dj the GM
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May 19, 2021 04:34 PM
Sectantur; Cost: 3; Up to 1 week
By the use of this magical power, the sorcerer can turn any object under one pound and no longer than one-foot in any dimension into a location device. The object does not reveal anything about its surroundings, but it could be used in conjunction with a scry with a +6 bonus, assuming the object is on the subject being viewed. Otherwise, this object allows the sorcerer to know its location so long as it is still on the same plane of existence. That location is relative from the sorcerer in cardinal points and distance without the exact location being known. Requesting a location from the object can be performed seven times before the object loses its charm. Once checking that many times, the spell effect expires. Finally, if the sorcerer has mago-mathematics, then he or she can decipher the teleport coordinates from the location, similar to teleport sigil on a Perception feat against DC:15.
Doubled: Using double spell points allows up to fifteen location requests but only extends the maximum duration to ten days.
Dj the GM
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May 19, 2021 02:21 PM
Stature Exanimate; Cost: 4; 8 hours
This effect is an enhancement of the stature spell; however, it can only target inanimate objects. There is no size restriction for this axiom, but like its predecessor, the object cannot be worn or carried by another when enchanting. If shrinking the object, it can be reduced to 25% of its original dimensions; however, its weight is not exactly proportional being only reduced to 10% of its original weight. Thus a three-foot barrel with a 20-inch diameter, weighing 200 lbs. would become 9 inches tall with a 5-inch diameter, weighing 20 lbs. If growing the object, it will triple in dimension and ten times in weight. Thus that same barrel would be 9 feet tall with a 5-foot diameter; plus, it would weigh 2000 lbs.
Doubled: Should double spell points be used, then the duration is doubled.
Dj the GM
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May 19, 2021 11:44 AM
Extend; Cost: 5
This axiom extends the duration of other effects, whether said effect is from runes, incantations or sorcery. The effect being extended must be currently manifested before and at the completion of the extend axiom. Therefore, effects lasting under one minute cannot be altered. Thus, infusion of fire could not be extended, but air chamber could.
If an effect can be maintained in a constant state of existence for a number of castings of extend from the same sorcerer, then it can become permanent. However, permanent effects cannot The total number of castings is based on 20 extend axioms performed with a time lapse equal to the original duration between castings, However, additional castings above 20 are required based on the point cost of the effect. For example, false aura would require a total of 21 extend castings to become permanent, but shadow turf would require 24. Effects with short durations would be unlikely to be able to be made permanent as the sorcerer is not likely able to have enough points of Logic in short periods without resting. Further, healing, instantaneous and durations listed as permanent already cannot be changed. Finally, effects on an object or person made permanent may have negative effects as well. For example, psychic shield made permanent causes the recipient slowly go deaf over the next few months; shimmering armor causes a penalty of -15 movement and -2 to initiative. Effects, such as alarm or watchdog, would have no negative effects. The GM may rule that certain effects made permanent on a creature has other side-effects than listed here.
Doubled: There is no benefit for doubling points.
Dj the GM
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Apr 26, 2021 09:14 PM
Gloom Torus; Cost 2; 6 rounds
When cast a greenish mist rises around the caster, covering all the hexes adjacent to the sorcerer but not entering the space occupied by him or her. Any creature starting its turn in a hex adjacent to the caster or moving through an adjacent hex during its turn, must roll a Resilience save (DC:13) or become incapacitated for that turn, retching and vomiting. Creatures that do not breathe are immune to the effect.
Double points: this increases the save to DC:15
Dj the GM
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Apr 26, 2021 08:58 PM
Bilious Gloom; Cost:2; 6 rounds
The sorcerer creates a 15-foot-radius sphere (38 hexes) of green-brown, nauseating gas centered on a point within range. This can be located in spaces occupied by others. The nastyfog causes the area to be heavily obscured, causing -2 penalties to attack by melee inside it and - 5 to attack when using range in or out. The haze lingers in place for the duration.
Each creature that is the area at the start of its turn must make a Resilience save (DC:13) as if the mist were poison. On a failed save, the creature is under the incapacitated restriction, spending the turn retching and reeling. Creatures that don’t need to breathe or are immune to poison automatically succeed on this save.
Natural wind (at least 10 miles per hour) can disperse the cloud after 4 rounds. A strong wind (at least 20 miles per hour) disperses it after only 1 round.
Double points: when using 4 mind points to cast, the Resilience save becomes DC:15 and the fog cannot be dispersed by natural winds.
Dj the GM
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Apr 26, 2021 08:22 PM
Astasia; Cost 3; Duration 12 rounds
This creates an area of 15-feet in diameter (38 hexes) that adds a glamor to the terrain, causing it to appear wobbly, warped and disoriented. It can be placed in an area occupied by others. Anyone not immune to illusions or able to navigate in a way other than by normal sight will suffer disequilibration when traversing the area. Any hex of the illusion is treated like rough terrain, meaning it will cost 10 feet for 5 feet of movement. Further, any creature starting its turn in the terrain illusion, who suffers it effects, must make an Agility save (DC:15) on fall prone from dizziness.
Double points: if casting with 6 mind points, then the area increases to a 25-ft diameter and the DC increases to 18.
Dj the GM
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Apr 26, 2021 07:44 PM
Torus of Destruction; Cost 2
Upon casting, a visible, circular energy surrounds the sorcerer. This magical power can be either cold, fire or lightning at the choice of the caster but remains that energy type for the duration of the Axiom, which is 3 rounds. The height of the torus is equal to the height of the caster and offers no obscuring effect. When the sorcerer moves or another approaches, be it friend, foe or neutral, resulting in another entity being in an adjacent hex, then 1 point of damage of the appropriate energy type is inflicted upon that creature. However, multiple movements through and around the caster's space does not cause additional damage if the victim has already suffered damage from the torus since the end of the caster's last turn. The effect ceases to exist at the end of the third turn of the caster after the initial casting. With the reset of when damage can be inflicted being the end of the caster's turn, this means the first casting can create the effect allowing the caster to move into a space that damages others on that same turn. After that, the potential to inflict more damage exists. For those in an adjacent hex at the end of of the caster's turn can avoid the immediate 2nd point of damage if the first thing that combatant does is move out of the radius, even if prone and crawling. If the creature attacks before moving, then the damage is delivered. If a prone victim stands up before moving, the damage is delivered.
Double points: if using 4 mind points to Cast, then the duration becomes 8 rounds.
Dj the GM
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Apr 26, 2021 06:25 PM
Voltaic Arc; Cost 2
The sorcerer creates a surge of lightning to fly from his or her hand to a target within 30 feet, requiring a d20 attack against its AC. If striking, then d6±1 points of lightning damage is delivered. Optionally, the gesturing requirement of the Axiom can be performed while maintaining grip on a weapon and delivering the arc from the weapon as well. When incorporating a weapon, it offers two choices for delivery. The first is an immediate hurling of an electrical arc through the weapon for the same values as if it had been thrown by hand. The second option is to maintain the charge in the weapon until the sorcerer's following turn. On that next action, the sorcerer can wield that weapon to strike with as a normal combat attack. If successfully hitting the target with the combat attack, the additional d6+1 points of drama is delivered as well. However, if the attack misses, then the magical lightning in the weapon disapates.
Double points: if casting with 4 mind points, the damage from the lightning increases to 2d4±3.
Dj the GM
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Apr 26, 2021 05:41 PM
Spark; Cost 1
The sorcerer selects a target within 30 feet who can be visibly seen, then hurls a bolt of electricity at that target as a d20 against its armor class. If successful, then d4 points of lightning damage is inflicted against body.
Double points: if casting with 2 mind points, the lightning flashes in a way that blinds the victim if failing a Resilience save (DC:12) with the effect lasting until the start of the victim's next turn.
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