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Weapon Special Formulas

Note: save dice calculations may vary and need to be adjusted
Alligator BiteanyHit Grapple
Ghoul ParalysisonHit bodyDC9 GhoulTouch
Giant Frog SwallowanyRaw=20 Swallow
Heavy BlowanyRaw>=18 HeavyBlow
Heavy WeaponanyRaw>=18 Heavy
Infusion of FireonHit bodyDCd4+8 Damage 1:body Fire
Life-Draining Touchauto bodyCompetition Damage 1:body Necrotic
Poisoned RestrictiononHit bodyDC10 Poison
Spider Bite PoisononHit bodyDC14 Damage 1:mind Poison
Vampiric HealingonHit Regen +1:body
Vengeance Axiomauto bodyDC10 Damage 1:body Necrotic