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Weapon Special Formulas

After an attack, there is a potential event known as a special condition, which is made up of a trigger, a condition, and a formula. This combination determine whether an additional damage or circumstance happens as a result of the attack. The object is formatted in JSON as

There is a semi-colon-delimited format that can be used in lieu of the full JSON format. However, the formula part must always be formatted in JSON.

However, note that mixing the two formats is not possible; either shorthand can be used or the full JSON format is used. Lastly, %20 can be used to represent a space where a space might be confused by the chat-CLI.

allHitOccurs when all dice used are successful hits; condition is ignored, acting like a 1=1 comparison.allHit
anyRawThis is the raw value of any die rolled. It acts like the left-side of a dice comparison. Shorthand includes the comparison.anyRaw>=20
anyScoreThis is the total modified score value of any die rolled. It acts like the left-side of a dice comparison. Shorthand includes the comparison.anyScore>23
autoThis automatically tests the condition regardless whether hitting or
onHitIf any die used to attack in that sequence successfully hits, then this triggers the next step. The condition may be omitted and if so, it is acts like a 1=1 (or true) comparison.onHit
perHitFor each successful hit, the condition is tested, making multiple applications possible.

All condition-objects must have a type or use short-hand. Based on that type the other key-value pairs vary. If the condition is missing, then it will be assumed to be shorthand for true or is part of the shorthand from the trigger.

{"type":"bool","comparison":"3d4<=6"}3d4<=6 or  true
{"type":"dice","comparison":">=18"}[omitted (included in trigger)] (but keep the semi-colon)

All formulas must have a command. Optionally, any formula object may have a background key or a specialWord key. The background determines the UI background-color of feedback, while the specialWord is displayed as a result of the special condition.

JSON (formulas must always be formatted in JSON)
  Used to trigger a crit, meaning an additional (exploding) damage die is rolled.
{"command":"custom","specialWord":"Abnormal Description"}
  Used when existing commands cannot manage the circumstance.
{"command":"damage","quality":"body","value":"1","damageType":"fire","specialWord":"Flame Sword"}
  Used to inflict additional damage beyond the normal attack.
  Minor paralysis and slows the movement-rate of the victim.
  Initiates and grappling competition for a potential hold
  Used with heavy weapons to place the victim at disadvantage.
  Heavy blow maneuver, similar to use of a heavy weapon but shields cannot prevent.
  Indicates an itching rash as developed.
  Changes the status markers on a token. Many tokens can be altered in one command.
  Adds the poison marker and places the victim under the poison restriction.
  Indicates a sickness or disease has been contracted.
  Used when the victim is swalloed or held in the mouth of a monsther.
  Nothing other than to display a custom message with the specialWord key.
Common Examples
ExampleSpecial Condition
Alligator Bite{"trigger":"onHit","condition":{"type":"bool","comparison":"true"},"formula":{"command":"grapple"}}
Ghoul ParalysisonHit;bodyDC9;{"command":"ghoultouch","movement":"25"}
Giant Frog SwallowanyRaw=20;;{"command":"swallow"}
Heavy Blow{"trigger":"anyRaw", "condition":{"type":"dice","comparison":">=18"}, "formula":{"command":"heavyblow"}}
Heavy WeaponanyRaw>=18;;{"command":"heavy"}
Infusion of Fire{"trigger":"onHit", "condition":{"type":"save","quality":"body","DC":"d4+8"}, "formula":{"command":"damage","quality":"body","value":"1","damageType":"fire","specialWord":"Flaming Weapon"}}
Life-Draining Touchauto;bodyCompetition;{"command":"damage","quality":"bodyMax","value":"1","damageType":"necrotic","specialWord":"Life-Drain"}
Vampire AttackperHit;bodyCompetition;{"command":"damage","quality":"bodyMax","value":"1","damageType":"necrotic","specialWord":"Life-Drain"}
Poisoned Arrow{"trigger":"onHit", "condition":{"type":"save","quality":"body","DC":"10"}, "formula":{"command":"poison"}}
Spider Bite PoisononHit;bodyDC14;{"command":"damage","quality":"mind","value":"1","damageType":"poison","specialWord":"Poison"}
Vengeance Axiom{"trigger":"auto", "condition":{"type":"save","quality":"body","DC":"10","DCMod":"mindMod"}, "formula":{"command":"damage","quality":"body","value":"1","damageType":"necrotic","specialWord":"Axiom"}}