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Unicorn Lake: The Capita of Anselini with 50,000 humans living in and around the city.

Khaleel Metropolis: Nearly 100,000 people live in the area.

Adorellan Fortres and Stormbuckle Keep: As a result of the human-orc war at the end of the Two Moons, there are two multinational garrisons on the north and south side of the Singh River, in which no human or orc may serve. However, both races are free to live in the communities that have developed around these fortresses. Trade between humans and orcs have increased and to nearly an amicable status. However, the treaty states that military operations and active military personnel, from either side, cannot cross the river.

Gogast is a dwarven kingdom, which is known for it's mining and smithing exports. There are about 12,000 dwarves in the community.

Eyther√ęttln:The 3500 elves in this society are considered xenophabic and tend not to associate much outside of their own kind.

Hea-bani is a mixed mountain community consisting mainly of Gryf. There are nearly 8,000 of the bird-like bipeds. However, there are another 1,000 citizens of other races, including humans, dwarves and even a few elves and orcs.

Klov: The Capitol City of the Orc Kingdom, which is currently ruled by the Grand Chief Hugraat. There are over 15,000 orcs in the capitol, but another 20,000 living in the rural areas and resource camps.

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Elven Village
Dwarven Underground
Orcish Hole