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Year 1       The occurance of the first miracle. The Archos of Samsuma forces fell in a large battle against the merciless Howls. The Temple of Anuk performed a ritual ceremony to bring him back to life to lead another wave of attacks which drove the hyenamen into the desert wilderness to the south.
Year 17 High Temple Priest Justos, who was the ceremony leader of the first miracle, asserted himself as the first Feyron.
Year 32 The first Feyron died. This son of the House of Justos succeeded the rule.
Year 46 Nyembis disease plagued the human lands, which was blamed on elvish wine imports. The Feyron outlawed elvish wine (or gwîn), leading to poor diplomatic relationships between the two races.
Year 47 The Dwarven Compassion: dwarven clergy and healers came to the lands to help the humans tend to the sick and even offered physical labor.
Year 52 The Elves forbade trade with humans and dwarves.
Year 84 The Orc Clan Argha declared lands south of Justosvale for themselves. Justosvale disputed the claim, declaring the lands as theirs. This began the First Orcish War.
Year 86 The orcish assassin Ikkath was successful in killing the young Feyron, who has no direct heir. This resulted in a subtle coup during the crisis of wartime, where the another priest from the Iudaa House seize power as Feyron. Over the next few years, the former ruling House suffered losses from war, accidents or mysterious occurrences and ceased to exist.
Year 90 Goblin bands became frontline fodder for the orcs.
Year 96 Howls from the south desert formed a horde and raided orc lands left without garrisons because of the war with the humans.
Year 97 Orcs and Humans ceased hostilities.
Year 98 Orcs formed alliance with Gryf to aid in effort against the Howls.
Year 99 Goblin population expanded and raids occurred on elvish and human lands. Humans blamed the orcs.
Year 106 Howls were effectively neutralized. Goblins became subordinate/criminal/slave race to orcs.
Year 115 The Gryf at Hea-bani dissolved their alliance with the orcs over the issue of Goblins. However, they maintained trade.
Year 157 The Dwarves of Gogast discovered a vein of mythril, which became an underearth challenge between them and a powerful shape-changing race known as the Yithigan.
Year 174 The Dwarves won the territory of the mythril vein and drove away the remaining Yithigan, but at great losses to the Dwarves.
Year 205 Half-Orc Traug born in Klov. Mother and child exiled.
Year 221 Half-Orc Traug, declared himself a demigod to goblin bands and used the gobins to raid elfin lands, burning much of the elfin occupied area of the forest. These actions were admonished by elves, orcs and humans alike. However, they blamed the other races for causing it to happen. The gryf and the elves worked together from Hea-bani to rid the goblins and Traug from the forest.
Year 223 Mother of Traug returned to Klov to give important information on how to stop her son. A human adventuring group killed her before she reached the orcish city. The orcs of Klov blamed Justosvale for this death, and the Second Orc War began.
Year 229 Traug was slain in battle and the gobins scattered due to lack of leadership. Many were impressed into orcish troops to be used against the humans.
Year 236 The Archos of Justosvale successfully captured Klov. The city was under human rule for the next few years while trying to convert them.
Year 255 The city of Klov was returned to the Clan of Gaakt and Justosvale relinquished its claim on the lands. The River Treaty is drawn up, declaring that orc lands may not expand north of the Singh River.
Year 284 The Khaleel House declared the official House of Sorcery to the Feyron.
Year 300 A great famine in the region occurred due to a large volcanic eruption to the north, which blotted out the sun for four months.
Year 331 First miracle attributed to Saha.
Year 357 Dwarves of Gogast discovered vein of orichalcum
Year 359 Church of Gayna declared the creature of the first magical weapon, the Moon Blade.
Year 371 Unicorn Lake declared neutrality of religion and no established official theocracy in their legal system.
Year 388 Sisters of Saha established Temple in Unicorn Lake.
Year 407 Blood of Dwarves, mysterious slaying of four dwarves, including the Embassador of Gogast, occurred in Justosvale. Responsibility claimed by the newly established Cult of Scent.
Year 438 The Night of Wyvernblight: Rare double lunar eclipse coincided with a mass wyvern attack on Justosvale and surrounding villages.
Year 463 The elfin champion was aided by a misfit band of adventurers. This led to the Elves opening minor trade routes back up with humans and dwarves, although the relationships remained cold.
Year 494 First Saurian merchant traders came to the region.
Year 520 Goblin rebellion began against Orcs.
Year 541 Orcs declared slavery of inferior race as no longer honorable and made it illegal.
Year 557 Dark Worm infestation of Gogast.
Year 559 Throlgrunli Graycloak led the battle to drive back the Dark Worms.
Year 561 Reshef Iudaa became Feyron.
Year 573 Two Moons War
Year 576 Anselini nation established. Master Samir Khaleel elected as Chancellor.
Year 600 The Roi Dam construction begins.
Year 657 The Roi Dam construction complete.