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  Frog, Giant
  Great Salamander
  Swamp Caecilian
  Ant, Giant
  Assassin Beetle
  Centipede, Giant
  Crab, Giant
  Scorpion, Giant
  Spider, Giant
  Wasp, Giant
  Blood Raptor
  Eagle, Giant
  Bat, Giant
  Goat, Riding
  Goblin, Dog
  Rock Mole
  Timber Elk
  Lizard Steed
Animals are naturally occurring creatures on the world. They still can pose a threat if encountered.Often, they will flee if attacked and only if protecting their young or being controlled will an animal fight to the death. Many are effectively mindless and without spirit(score zero), making them immune to mind or spirit attacks which would require a Mind or Spirit Difficulty feat.There simply is not enough of a mental system to create any sort of allure; these zeroed animals basically respond only to instinctive stimuli.