Enchanted Realms Rulebook

 Game Starter 
 Basic Equipment 


We shape our tools, and then our tools shape us.

Once having created a character, equipment is needed. There is a standard set of equipment, but this does not include armor and weaponry. Below are a few simple armors weapons and items that a starting character would need in the game. A character should be permitted at least a light weapon and appropriate armor. However, the GM may allow a starting allowance to purchase items. A fair number would be around 400 bits, but this could be adjusted by the GM based on history, background and inheritance.

Enchanted Realms encourages a maintenance-fee system of personal economy. This will be explained later, but it is essentially the idea that money is spent to ensure one has the standard items and weapons, armor and such are kept in top condition, repaired when needed. This works out to an average cost which is subtracted monthly. It may not be perfect, but it’s close enough and much easier than counting pennies.

That standard set of equipment mentioned above is something all adventurers begin with unless the GM states otherwise. This will include:

• Backpack, leather (small)
• Belt, leather iron buckle
• Blanket, Wool
• Boots, leather
• Bottle, green glass, quart
• Breeches, linen
• Coin purse, canvas
• Gloves, wool
• Rope, Cotton (50 ft)
• Scarf, wool
• Shirt, wool
• Torch, wood tallow
• Waterskin (1 gal)