Download Manuals and Roll20 Helpers

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DocumentDesigned ForDescription
  Online Interactive Manual
Players and GMs The game manual of rules, system, races, and skills; everything needed to play.
  Online Interactive Manual
Game Masters Instead of printing a PDF reference, we've added an online index of monsters and statistics to use in the Enchanted Realms system. Some gaming groups might choose keep these details secret from the players to maintain mystery in the game. (Updating in process)
Roll20 Details & Downloads
Character Sheet
  Custom Character Sheet Template for Roll20
Players and GMs This is the code to be placed in Roll20 Settings
EnchantR.js API
Game Masters Weapon Specials and Macros found below are dependent on this API script to be installed in the Roll20 game being played
Weapon Specials
  List of common Special Formulas
Players and GMs Formulas for Special attibute of Weapon Attacks
Roll20 Macros
  List of helpful Roll20 macros
Players and GMs Macros for the VTT system
Roll20 Markers
  Custom Markers for Tokens in Roll20
Players and GMs Token Markers for the VTT system