API Documentation

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DocumentDesigned ForDescription
Game Manual
  March 4, 2019
Players and GMs The game manual of rules, system, races, and skills; everything needed to play.
  December 26, 2018
Game Masters This is a list of monsters and statistics to use in the Enchanted Realms system. Some gaming groups might choose keep these details secret from the players to maintain mystery in the game.
Enchanted Items
  December 30, 2018
Game Masters This documents special items, alchemical potions, enhanced metuallurgy and magical items. Enchanted Realms is desgined to be a "low-magic" system, but there are still important details about availability and economy. This is another publication kept separate as some GMs might choose to restrict such details from the players.
Roll20 Files Description
Character Sheet
  February 20, 2019
Roll20 VTT This zip file contains the character sheets and css file for the custom game settings in Roll20.
  March 3, 2019
Roll20 VTT The API to run on Roll20 for managing the math and rules.