Enchanted Realms Rulebook

 Character Creation
 Understanding Skills
     Skills Training
     Stat Training
 Unskilled Fighting
 Fighting At Distance
     Normal Vision
     Spirit Sight

Enchanted Realms was created to be played on a virtual table application. The current choice of the author is By using its API, character sheets and macros, it solves many of the “problems” of table-top play and encourages collaborative story-telling rather than sessions of hack-n-slash. A free and updated copy of this manual is available at, and if you use and enjoy the game, please consider a $5 donation for further development of the game.

Because of concerns with restrictions by class, too much math and overly slow, complex combat, this game took steps to mitigate those matters. Does it fix everything? No, what system does? But it does address them and offers some variations of the rules to handle different styles of different groups.

Further, there are certain “world details” offered in this set of rules. By no means is the intent that GMs and players must use the list of deities or religions catalogued here. However, these are usable samples to demonstrate the balance of skill, powers, etc. when using those aspects of the game.

Lastly, while mortality and the need for teamwork is a design factor of the system, the intent of Enchanted Realms is to be a “low player death” game. Death can occur, but it should be rare, climactic, meaningful or just out of horrible events resulting from avoidable choices. While possible, bringing characters “back to life” is not as common as other systems. Of course, permission from a player to be killed for story advancement or to change to a new role is perfectly reasonable. The idea is no one dies because the player rolls a “01” while lighting a torch or is tricked by the GM into walking through a soul-eating mirror.

With that disclaimer aside, I hope you enjoy the system.