Enchanted Realms Rulebook

Appendix D - Quick Reference
Playable Races
AlseidDeerlike centaurlike creatures
BatfolkBipeds with batlike features
DwarfShort, stout earth dwellers
ElfForest-dwelling, gaunt, and delicate creatures
GnomeSubterranean race related to dwarves
HalflingShort and small with keratin feet
Half-OrcOrc and human half-breed
JzakaBlend of human, wolf and panther
LizardfolkReptilian bipeds with bludgeoning tails
Skill Usage
To perform a special action, a skill will be required.
Compatible skills allow for an increase in dice or performance boost.
A maximum of 5 dice from skills can be placed in a die pool for an action.
When successfully performing feats, encounters, story plots, etc, a player is rewarded with points of Karma.
New skills are gained by spending acquired Karma.
Karma may also be spent in a one-time scenario to gain advantage.
Light no penalties; donning requires 30 seconds (3 rounds)
 Padded11Fire: -135
 Archbishop Robe*11Cold: +1; Blunt: +2Black Market
 Bishop Robe*11Blunt, Fire: +1Black Market
 Goluka Armor*11Blunt, Cold: +1200
 Leather11Piercing: -165
 Brigandine Armor*12Blunt, Edged: +1205
 Heavy-Padded*12Piercing: +1150
 Studded Leather12 150
 Elfin Hauberk*13Edged: +1Black Market
 Iron-Skin Leather*13 1200
Medium 10-ft movement penalty and -2 to initiative; donning requires 2 minutes (12 rounds)
 Chain Shirt13Edged: +1225
 Jack of Plates13 30
 Lamelar Armor*13Piercing: +1380
 Breastplate14Piercing: +1385
 Dark Ring*14Blunt, Cold: +11200
 Dwarven Scale*14Blunt, Edged: +1575
 Ring Mail14Edged: +1300
 Brigandine Chain*15Edged: +1485
Heavy 25-ft movement penalty and -5 to initiative; donning requires 5 minutes (30 rounds)
 Chain Mail16Edged: +2420
 Splint Mail17Blunt, Piercing: +1515
 Plate Mail18Fire: +1; Edged: +2600
*Craftsman Armor
Iron NormalArmoring / Weaponsmith
Silver Plating SilverEnhanced Metals
Steel+1  NormalEnhanced Metals
Electrum Alloy+1  SilverEnchanted Metals
Orichalcum Alloy+1  MagicEnchanted Metals
Meteore+2  MagicEnchanted Metals
Scarletite Alloy+2  MagicEnchanted Metals
Mythril-Orichalcum Alloy+2  MagicEnchanted Metals
Mythril-Scarletite Alloy+3  MagicEnchanted Metals
Algidum+4  MagicCold Metallurgy
Adamantine Alloy+4  MagicCold Metallurgy
Combat Strikes
Method  To Hit
Meleeeach [d20 in die pool + Strength Score + Other Modifiers]vs AC
Rangeeach [d20 in die pool + Agility Score + Other Modifiers]vs AC
Method  Damage
Melee(1 per successful die) + Weapon Weight + Strength Modifier
Range(1 per successful die) + Agility Modifier
Single and Multiple Targets
Strength or Agility modifier can only be used once per target
Combat Terms
RoundTen-second block of combat game-time where each player, NPC and monster are permitted a turn.
InitiativeThe numeric representation of the turn order for the round.
ActionWhat one performs on his, her or its turn.
• Attack
• Skill-Use
• Item-Use
• Defending
• At-The-Ready
ReactionAn extra and optional action permitted under special circumstances caused by an outside event
MovementHow far one can travel on the battle map during a turn
StrikeA die pool of d20s used as a single attack
Multi-StrikeAn action that allows separate die pools to be assigned and used against the same target
Multiple TargetsTerm when a skill or ability allows more than one target to be attacked or affected
Weapon WeightBonus added to damage based on the type of weapon used
Types of Saves
Preservationd20 + total sub-attribute score
Something outside the physical mechanics attacks a character. Other influences, such as magic, can also be added.
Feat or Checkd20 + sub-attribute modifier
Use of an innate ability to overcome a challenge where skills do not apply. Since this is purely a measure of the character's natural response, no other influences factor in for this result.
Competitiond12 + sub-attribute modifier.
Two or more parties fighting in conflict for a single effect. Other influences, such as terrain, can also be added.
Types of Senses
BlindsightMystical awareness of surroundings
Devil SightSee through magical darkness
EcholocationDetection by sound
Night VisionNight vision becomes “normal” when indoors or underground
Spirit SightSee lifesongs in all directions
Sunlight SensitivityPerception disadvantage in direct sunlight
TremorsenseDetection by vibrations
True SightSeeing everything as it is