Enchanted Realms Rulebook

 Character Creation
 Understanding Skills
     Skills Training
     Stat Training
 Skills Applied: Combat
 Mechanics of Combat
 Unskilled Fighting
 Fighting At Distance
 Combat Skills
     Trained Fighting
     Standard Combat
     Avoidance Skills
     Style Combat
     White Sorcery
     Violet Sorcery
     Blue Sorcery
     Green Sorcery
     Yellow Sorcery
     Orange Sorcery
     Red Sorcery
     Black Sorcery
     Normal Vision
     Spirit Sight
 Divine Abilities
     Doctrinal Skills
     Gods of the New Moons
 Other Rules
     Character Development
     Feat of Strength
     Poison and Disease
     Slitting Throats
     Stat Difficulty Check
     Work Projects
Character Creation

Each participant in the game should create one or more game personas. The game persona of each participant is called the player character in order to differentiate it from personas created the GM, called non-player characters. Each player develops the abilities of his or her persona by character creation. In this way, the player decides what race the character is, and what skills and qualities the character has. After the creation is complete, he or she will be ready for adventure.


Every entity has 3 stats: body, mind, and spirit. Body represents the physical health and constitution of a being. It is basically life points for damage, poison and fatigue. Mind is one’s mental prowess to notice things, solve puzzles and avoid tricks. As stress occurs mental exhaustion can set in and be as perilous as losing body points. Spirit represents willpower and faith.

These points fluctuate with events and recover/heal with time. Thus, the given number is the maximum for any being. When reaching zero, it could mean many things based on the circumstance. It might mean being vanquished in a combat for body scores or perhaps merely physical exhaustion from a forced march. With a mind score of zero a character might suffer hallucinations or be charmed. Spirit defeat could mean possession and being subject to fear or other emotional domination.

Beginning characters will have 10 points in each of these stats. Next, 100 points are given to “purchase” enhancement to stat scores. To do this, the current stat score must be spent to gain a roll to increase the points. The roll is d6+2, meaning the increment if from 3 to 8 points. Thus, to enhance an initial stat score, 10 points of the 100 would be used, leaving 90 points for further enhancements.

Below is an example of what might stat results of a beginning character might look like. As you can see, the final stat results of this character creation would yield a body score of 28, a mind score of 16 and a spirit score of 19.

 100 pts-1090 pts-1080 pts-1070 pts-1456 pts-1838 pts-2414 pts-131 pt

After all the possible points have been used, then what remains can be carried over to the points allotted for skills creation.


Skills are the crux of the system. Other than the three stats and race, everything is based on a skill. Some skills may be restricted by race or have a prerequisite, but all mechanics of the game are controlled by skills. All beginning characters are permitted to “purchase” skills with an initial allotment of 35 points. As stated above, any remainder from the stat creation will be added to this allotment, meaning some character might have even up to 40 points to use, but this likely implies that character’s stat scores are slightly lower. The difference is compensated by allowing the balance of those points to be used in skill generation.

To obtain a skill, a 10-point investment is required. To enhance an obtained skill, the same rules apply as did with stats; the current score amount must be spent to gain a d6+2 improvement roll. Unless there is an unusual amount of points left over, new characters will have three initial skills or perhaps two with one having been trained once.

Below is an example of what might skills creation look like. The result of this character creation is two skills with one at 15 and the other at 10. It should be easy to recognize that this is likely going to be a combatant type character. By the way, the remainder of points after applying skills (6 extra points in this example) are stored in the character’s karma and can be used later. Lastly, let’s name this character Tannis for referencing him in future examples.

36 pts-1026 pts-1016 pts-106 pts
Shield Guard10New1010