Enchanted Realms Rulebook


Simple skills-based fantasy role-playing system. Focus is on minimal math and trouble-free combat.

Players create a character, called a Player-Character (PC), while an arbiter, called the Game-Master (GM), describes the environment and world in which the PCs live. The players describe what they want to do based on the adventure presented. As the players interact with the world from their description, the GM narrates the results of their actions. Often that result leads to another decision point where the players must against explain what they want to do. This continues as the story unfolds.

One quick note about the game system and someone new reading this material for the first time. If someone has never played an RPG or perhaps has but that system was class-based or profession-oriented, then trying to grasp how 200+ skills and a like amount of spells work might feel rather daunting. However, take heart in that things are not nearly as complicated as it might seem. Effort has been made to minimize complication. That said, the system expands to more and more powerful skills, spells and maneuvers to accommodate the high degree of power, strategy and options a player would want after progressing.

Thus, if the manual seems a bit overwhelming, don’t try to eat the elephant in one setting. Follow the steps of the book, starting with simple character creation, learn the basic concepts, pick those starting skills, then let the GM help you along your way becoming involved in fun and fanciful stories of glory and treachery.