Enchanted Realms Rulebook

Vocational Skills

Most skills in this section will be reserved for NPCs; however, PCs could learn them. However, most have requirements of a forge or workshop. Player character could choose to invest in such, but that urban investment rarely involves everyday involvement. At best, the PC would have to hire a manager or trusted laborer to control the upkeep. The PC might own the investment but would not be able to use them as most NPCs do. That said, with these skills a PC could assist in his or her shop – or trade labor for price at another’s shop to decrease the time and cost of needed items or services.

SkillCost   SkillCost
Animal Breeding100 Skinning100
Armoring100 Weaponsmith100
Bowyer100 Woodworking100
Cooking100 Animal Training200
Lapidary100 Enhanced Metal200
Leatherworking100 Stone Lore200
Legal Work100 Exotic Hides250
Masonry100 Arbor-Forging300
Sailing100 Enchanted Metal300
Animal BreedingNo Requirement
This skill is animal husbandry of a specific animal.
ArmoringNo Requirement
This skill permits the fashioning of metal armors. It requires a forge and cannot be performed “on the road.”
BowyerNo Requirement
This skill conveys to ability to create bows, crossbows, arrows and bolts.
CookingNo Requirement
Cooking is exactly what it sounds like - the ability to cook and prepare food. Cooking uses raw meat and ingredients to prepare a meal. However, this has an advantage for the adventurer on the road to add a bit of variety for any “road kill” that happens.
LapidaryNo Requirement
This is the skill to cut gems, gild metal and create jewelry. It also requires a stationary workshop. A trinket can be produced in a day, but a masterpiece may require a month.
LeatherworkingNo Requirement
This skill allows the creation of cloaks, robes and light armor from various skins, fabrics and materials. It requires a workshop.
Legal WorkNo Requirement
Such a skill allows a character the working understanding of the legal system of a region, kingdom or society. It conveys the ability to make arguments and petitions in a court that will be taken seriously.
MasonryNo Requirement
Any stonework must be done by a mason, and this occupation includes plasterers as well. However, this is not an artistic sculpting skill.
SailingNo Requirement
This skill allows a person to skipper a vessel.
ScribingNo Requirement
This is the skill of writing, calligraphy, transcription and even forgery. One can create pens and quills with a scribing skill. Additionally, one can transcribe a conversation up to one minute without errors. Finally, a forgery can be attempted which will pass unless one inspects it specifically. Upon inspection, the observer makes a mind feat save against a DC base 10+d6.
SkinningNo Requirement
This is a taxidermy skill that is sometimes picked up by adventurers. In a societal scene, it is used to process furs and leathers from animals and beasts for clothing. However, adventurers find it useful to preserve the hide of certain beasts they encounter in hopes of creating something from them. Without the skill, the collected hides are improperly preserved and useless. Further, if a character has foul-play, then he or she can extract the poison glands from a slain creature.
WeaponsmithNo Requirement
This skill allows the creation of metal-based weapons. It requires a kiln.
WoodworkingNo Requirement
This occupational skill assumes most woodworking, including the creation of weapons.
Animal TrainingNo Requirement
This skill permits one to train an animal to follow basic commands. It is animal specific.
Enhanced MetalsArmoring or Weaponsmith
This allows a lesser metal-working skill to use techniques of silvering and crude carbon-steel. Silvering weapons allows them to get around the damage resistance of some creatures. Silver weapons add 100 bits to the cost. Steel weapons gain a +1 to hit, but no additional damage. They cost an additional 200 bits or three times, whichever is greater. Armors made from crude steel are 1 point higher in armor class. They are double the cost to purchase. Maintenance of any is 50% more than original.
Stone LoreNo Requirement
This conveys a general knowledge and history of stonework and designs. This allows a +4 bonus rolls involving history related to the origin of stonework. Further, in conveys a +2 bonus on perception checks to notice unusual stonework, such as sliding walls, stonework traps, new construction (even when built to match the old), unsafe stone surfaces, shaky stone ceilings, and the like. Something that is not stone but that is disguised as stone also counts as unusual stonework.
Exotic HidesLeatherworking
Create leather armor from monster hides.
Create Elfin-Chainmail
Enchanted MetalsEnhanced Metals
Can work with special metals for forging weapons armor