Enchanted Realms Rulebook

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   Mind-Spirit Death
 Appendix A - Character Sheet

These are simple magical traces which can be called into being by anyone with a cantrip control skill. Of course, that skill does have a requirement of a mind score of 2 or higher to learn. However, they can be cast as many times as desired, cost no spell points and only need a current mind score of 1 to instantiate. Thus, even if being mentally battered, cantrips can still offer a bit of help. These simple tricks can be performed with little investment and are usable in nearly any circumstance by nearly anyone willing and able. However, there is a maximum number of cantrips that can be known; the number is equal to one’s mind score.

Cantrip Control100
Any Cantrip100
Cantrip ControlMind 2 or Higher 
This is the base skill required before one can use cantrips. Further, individual cantrips must be known. To acquire known cantrips, one must purchase a cantrip through karma and have a maximum mind score of at least 2 when acquiring the skill. To be clear, elves who gain this skill for free will not possess it automatically if their starting mind score is below 2. Moreover, the maximum number of cantrips that can be known is equal to one’s mind score.
Blade WardCantrip Control 
Time Required:1 action Range:Self Duration:1 round
This cantrip is a quick defensive ability but it requires continued concentration while it is in effect, meaning no reactions are permitted. However, once cast, until the following round and until the next turn for action, the caster gains 3 points to his or her AC against any edged or piercing damage; however, blunt weapons and cleavers strike normally.
Chilling TouchCantrip Control 
Time Required:1 action Range:Touch Duration:1 round
This creates a spectral force from the caster’s hand, who then makes a single 1d20 attack roll against a target’s AC. If successful, the touch inflicts the victim with a necrotic ward which blocks all magical healing until the end of the caster’s next turn.
Dancing LightsCantrip Control 
Time Required:1 action Range:120 feet Duration:Up to 1 minute
The magic creates from one to four torch-sized lights which hover in the air. Combined they shed dim light in a 10-foot radius. For the illusion to continue, the caster must concentrate and therefore cannot take actions or reaction during that time. Dispelling the lights existence is the ending or interruption of concentration and can occur at any time. Initiative in combat should still be rolled even if the action is to continue with concentration.
Fire FingerCantrip Control 
Time Required:1 action Range:Self Duration:10 minutes
A flame surrounds the caster’s hand, which will not harm the caster or equipment. In addition to spreading dim light for 15 feet, the fire can be used to ignite combustible materials with direct contact for 10 seconds. If used against a grappled, incapacitated, restrained stunned or unconscious victim, 1 point of fire damage against body can be inflicted with two actions, both requiring successful attack rolls. The first round starts the burning; the second round delivers the damage. In the interim duration for this specific type of burning, the flame-wielder cannot take any reactions.
FriendsCantrip Control 
Time Required:1 action Range:Self Duration:Up to 1 minute
During the effect, the caster has advantage on all competition saves involving social interaction directed at a single creature who is not hostile at the time of casting. Further, the caster will add +5 to any DC required in social interactions. On the completion of the cantrip, the creature influenced is permitted a perception check against a DC (d4+6) to be aware that magic was used against him, her or it.
LightCantrip Control 
Time Required:1 action Range:Touch Duration:1 hour
Upon touching an object, no larger than five-feet in any dimension, which objects emits bright light in a 20-foot radius, colored as desired. Covering the object blocks the light, and the effect can be dismissed at will. However, if the object is worn or held by a hostile or unwilling being, then that creature may roll a body save against a DC (d4+6) to avoid it.
MendingCantrip Control 
Time Required:1 minute Range:Touch Duration:Permanent
This cantrip repairs a single break in an object touched. This can mend a tear or two broken halves so long as the break or tear is no larger than six inches in any dimension. The result leaves no trace of the former damage. If the rupture is too large, then the cantrip make no repair at all.
MessageCantrip Control 
Time Required:1 action Range:120 feet Duration:1 round
Pointing at another creature, a message can be whispered. The target, and only the target, hears the message and can reply in a whisper that only the caster can hear. However, the target must be in line of sight. Moreover, the sent message occurs on the caster’s turn, while the reply is made on the recipient’s turn. If the recipient’s turn occurs after the caster’s next turn the following round, then no reply can be made.
MockeryCantrip Control 
Time Required:1 action Range:60 feet Duration:Up to 2 rounds
The caster spews enchanted insults at a single creature within range. Assuming the creature is not deaf, as comprehension is not required for the magic to work, then it must make a spirit preservation save against a DC (d4+6) or become at disadvantage for its next action.
PrestidigitationCantrip Control 
Time Required:1 action Range:10 feet Duration:Up to 1 minute
This cantrip can perform a simple trick, which can manifest in one of several different ways:
  • Create an instantaneous and harmless sensory effect, such as a puff of wind, shower of sparks, music or odd odor.
  • Light or snuff a flame up to the size of a torch, instantaneously
  • Clean or soil an object smaller than one-cubic foot
  • Chill, warm or flavor a nonliving material smaller than one-cubit foot lasting up to one hour.
  • Create a mark or symbol of a desired color on a nonliving object or surface lasting up to one hour.
ResistanceCantrip Control 
Time Required:1 action Range:Touch Duration:Up to 1 minute
Upon touching a willing creature, the caster selects when quality body, mind or spirit to affect. The enchanted being then may roll a d4 in addition to the first save roll made for the condition within the next minute.
StabilizeCantrip Control 
Time Required:1 action Range:Touch Duration:Instantaneous
By touching a living creature who is at 0 or negative body points, the recipient becomes stable and lifted from the death saves. It will not remove any level of exhaustion.
True StrikeCantrip Control 
Time Required:1 action Range:30 feet Duration:1 round
Upon the casting of this cantrip and concentrating until the next action the following round, the caster gains insight against the single-targeted creature in range. Provided the concentration has not broken, during the next action in the following round, the caster can gain advantage against the recipient. The advantage could be melee, range or magical attack.
ValetCantrip Control 
Time Required:1 action Range:30 feet Duration:1 minute
A floating, translucent hand appears at a point of choosing. It remains until the duration or dismissed and has a movement rate of 30 feet. Ani actions performed by the hand must be done as actions of the caster and the hand cannot multitask or exist while other incarnations of the cantrip are manifested. It can open doors, containers. The hand can lift or manipulate up to 10 pounds of mass. However, it cannot attack or activate magic/alchemical items.