Enchanted Realms Rulebook

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When it is a character’s or monster’s turn, the announcement of what to do is stated. Then the being moves on the map and takes an action. The character or monster decides whether to move and then act or the other way around. Additionally, movement can be broken up so that part of the distance is moved, then an action taken, followed by the rest of the movement. Further, not all the movement distance has to be used. It is important to note there is no “holding an action” to be used later without having special skills. If the character or monster decides to hold position (or even move some) but take no action, then that is set for the round.

One may recall when discussing initiative, that all the actions of all those in combat are occurring simultaneously. It is because intent and prior gambit which one is already committed towards the action to be taken why the “holding an action” cannot occur by default. This moment is merely the opportunity to take the chosen action. However, one should not be confused by the strategic benefits, game-wise, of a later initiative, as this allows a player to be more aware of the happenings on the battlefield to choose a more strategic action. All this means is the character made a better gamble of choice with this intent prior to the initiative score value.

Speaking and gesturing to other characters is permitted, but only on one’s turn. These should be brief utterances or expressions that can be conveyed in under 10 seconds. There are skills and magic which may override this rule.

Typically, this is move and attack, cast a spell, use some item, or render aid to a wounded ally. However, actions might include unusual deeds such as “grab the idol from the pedestal” or “crank down the drawbridge.” These non-hostile actions do offer the potential of a contest. Should any other character or monster intend to take the same action that would result in a contest, then the player (or NPC) would announce that intent. The GM will decide if the distance permits interference. Despite a later initiative, those who intend to take the same action, assuming movement is available, will enter a contest to “grab the idol” or “open/close the door” which will be decided as the final determination of the round. However, those details will be explained later.

All actions fall into one of the following categories, which will be detailed later:

• Attack“Fire my bow at the goblin!”
• Skill-Use“Chant the battle cry incantation.”
• Item-Use“Drink my invigoration potion.”
• Deeds“Grab the idol from the pedestal.”
• DefendingPuts incoming attacks at disadvantage.
• At-The-Ready“If the creature approaches within 20 feet of me, I'll run away.”
An action must be taken at the time of one’s turn. There is no generic method for holding an action until later; however, there are skills that permit this special delay.

As a reminder, the distance a character or monster is permitted to move on one’s turn is listed on the character sheet and possibly modified by encumbrance. Remember, when using a map, each hex is five feet.