Enchanted Realms Rulebook

Unskilled Fighting

The person who has no combat training at all will have a difficult time in battle, but what does that mean in terms of game mechanics? In general, a person cannot use a skill he or she does not have. Someone untrained in Sorcery simply cannot cast spells; neither could unskilled person play a musical instrument. However, it is permitted to swing a weapon wildly with the chance of luckily landing a damaging blow. This is what is called unskilled fighting.

There are three factors when employing the attempt to fight without combat training. The first is when the attack occurs. The second is what can be used with accidental efficiency. The last is the math to determine success.

The unskilled fighter suffers a 3-second delay for his attacks. Bulky armor penalties against initiative apply in addition to this penalty. Further, only simply weapons can be used. Ultimately the GM will determine what that means, but essentially it refers to something without moving parts or machinery of any sort. Thus bows, slings, launching weapons, grenade bulbs, a siege weapon, and even flogging whips are simply unusable for the untrained character. This leaves rocks, frying pans, clubs, daggers, axes and the like. These can be swung at an enemy in melee or even thrown, assuming the weapon is a viable range weapon. However, if hurled, the maximum distance for the attack to have a chance to be successful is 10 feet, regardless of the weapon’s designed range.

The defense of the unskilled person will be low because only base and armor could be applied. This means under the best circumstances the amateur will have little more than 60 defense score. Further, all attacks will be on a pure d100 role with no modifiers. This leaves the odds of being successful quite low.

Weapons  Only Simple
Initiative  +3
Attack Roll  +0
Hurled Range  10 Feet