Enchanted Realms Rulebook

Fey Magickery

Ancient Fairy Magic.

These are simple magical traces which can be called into being by anyone with a cantrip control skill. Most elves can tap into these forces naturally; however, cantrip control is not limited as a racial skill; anyone can learn it. Of course, that skill does have a requirement of a Agility score of 3 or higher to acquire. However, cantrips can be cast as many times as desired and cost no sub-attribute score points. These simple tricks can be performed with little investment and are usable in many circumstances. But this is a harnessing of fey energy and channeling it through one's own body, which is why Agility is a requirement. Further, there is a maximum number of cantrips that can be known; the number is equal to one’s Agility score.

Learning Cantrip Control can be acquired via training and time rather than karma. The save-feat at the end of the training time is against Agility (DC:4) rather than Muse. Finally, the training time is based on 45 days rather than the traditional 100 training days required. The cantrips themselves can be learned this way as well; however, at only 100 karma each, few find that a worthwhile effort, but it is possible. Also, the karma attainment for all cantrips is merely a long rest, after which the new cantrip can be used.

There are other skills beyond cantrips; however, those are the basis of all fey magickery.

The chart is ordered by skill cost, while the descriptions begin with cantrip control and then are are ordered alphabetically afterwards.

SkillCost Cantrip Cost
Cantrip Control 100 Befuddle100
Dendrosophy: Heat-Blossom200 Blade Ward100
Dendrosophy: Off-Season200 Camouflage100
Dendrosophy: Strange-Fruit200 Chilling Touch100
Fey-Binding200 Dancing Lights100
Summon Pests200 Daze Animal100
Summon Vines200 Detune100
Green Stitching250 Dress100
Hail Steed250 Fire Finger100
Spiritual Nature250 Friends100
Summon Small Beast250 Hairstyle100
Team of Pixies250 Itemize100
Arbor-Forging300 Jubilate100
Conjure Minor Chaos300 Light100
Fiend Practicum300 Mending100
Wildshape, Land350 Message100
Wildshape, Water450 Mockery100
Wildshape, Flight500 Pepper100
 True Strike100
 Written Phrase100

Simple Fey Magic.

Cantrip Control No Skills Requirement Agility 3+
This is the base skill required before one can use cantrips. Further, individual cantrips must be known. To acquire known cantrips, one must purchase a cantrip through karma and have an Agility score of at least 3 when acquiring the skill. To be clear, elves who gain this skill for free will not possess it automatically if their starting Agility score is below 3. The maximum number of cantrips that can be known is equal to one’s Agility score.
Karma Attainment: To gain this skill, one must hunt and kill a noble deer, prepare the venison from the deer, consume it for breakfast. Then spend the rest of the day dancing and singing.
BefuddleCantrip Control 
Time Required:1 action Range:30 feet Duration:1 round
One creature seen within range must make a Judgment preservation save (DC:9). If the save fails, the creature becomes confused and loses its train of thought. Note that this spell does no real damage, will not affect the target’s Mind score, and doesn’t negate the target’s next action; it simply erases the target’s current thought. The thought probably will reoccur to the creature naturally at some time in the future, and is more likely for social encounters. For example, if a lady sees someone running from her husband’s room with a dagger, this spell compels her to forget that image. But if the person with the dagger is still visible a second later, she’ll wonder about it all over again. Similarly, an opponent in combat can forget what strike he was planning but still realizes he’s in combat and attack on his next action. The cantrip’s effect ends at the start of the target’s next action, so it must be quick to make certain that something forgotten isn’t instantly remembered.
Blade WardCantrip Control 
Time Required:1 action Range:Self Duration:1 round
This cantrip is a quick defensive ability but it requires continued concentration while it is in effect, meaning no reactions are permitted. However, once cast, until the following round and until the next turn for action, the caster gains 3 points to his or her AC against any edged or piercing damage; however, blunt weapons and cleavers strike normally.
CamouflageCantrip Control 
Time Required:1 action Range:Touch Duration:Up to 10 minutes
The cantrip causes a creature to change colors to match its surroundings. The creature may attempt to hide, and when doing so gains an additional d6 to the DC for stealth. This effect lasts as long as the caster concentrates, meaning the one manifesting the effect cannot take actions or reactions while focusing.
Challenger’s MarkCantrip Control 
Time Required:1 reaction Range:5 feet Duration:1 round
As a reaction when the caster makes a successful melee hit against a target -- a target that much be within range, thus limiting melee weapons with reach -- this cantrip can be added to the effect of the strike. The caster marks the creature until the end of its next turn, bellowing a magical challenge. This effect ends early if the cantrip evoker is incapacitated or dies, or even if someone else marks the creature with a similar magical challenge. On the marked creature’s next turn, if it takes any other action besides an attack against the caster, even attacking another person, it has disadvantage for that action. The responsive attack against the caster does not have to be melee and the victim could choose not to act on its turn.
Chilling TouchCantrip Control 
Time Required:1 action Range:Touch Duration:1 round
This creates a spectral force from the caster’s hand, who then makes a single 1d20 attack roll against a target’s AC. If successful, the touch inflicts the victim with a necrotic ward which blocks all magical healing until the end of the caster’s next turn.
Dancing LightsCantrip Control 
Time Required:1 action Range:120 feet Duration:Up to 1 minute
The magic creates from one to four torch-sized lights which hover in the air. Combined they shed dim light in a 10-foot radius. For the illusion to continue, the caster must concentrate and therefore cannot take actions or reaction during that time. Dispelling the lights existence is the ending or interruption of concentration and can occur at any time. Initiative in combat should still be rolled even if the action is to continue with concentration.
Daze AnimalCantrip Control 
Time Required:1 action Range:60 feet Duration:1 round
This can affect a medium-size or smaller animal with a Spirit score of 6 or fewer points and it can be seen within range. The beast makes a Will preservation save (DC:7). If it fails, the animal cannot take actions or reactions until the start of the caster's next turn.
DetuneCantrip Control 
Time Required:1 action Range:60 feet Duration:Instantaneous
One instrument seen within range becomes detuned. Anyone using the instrument in a performance has tactical disadvantage on their ability checks to play it. If the instrument is held by a creature when the cantrip is cast, then that creature makes a Muse preservation save against a DC (d4+8); a successful save negates the effect.
DressCantrip Control 
Time Required:1 action Range:Touch Duration:Instantaneous
A willing creature (and note "willing") who is touched instantly dons up to four unworn and uncarried articles of clothing within 30 feet. Likewise, the cantrip may "doff" a like number of articles being worn. If removing clothing, the articles appear folded at the caster’s feet. Any donned clothing is worn in the order desired, with any twists, ties, bows, or specific spacing and detail chosen. The clothing can't be behind glass or any other obstruction.
Fire FingerCantrip Control 
Time Required:1 action Range:Self Duration:10 minutes
A flame surrounds the caster’s hand, which will not harm the caster or equipment. In addition to spreading dim light for 15 feet, the fire can be used to ignite combustible materials with direct contact for 10 seconds. If used against a grappled, incapacitated, restrained stunned or unconscious victim, 1 point of fire damage against Body can be inflicted with one action, requiring a successful attack roll. The first round starts the burning, but the damage is not delivered until the start of the next turn. In the interim duration for this specific type of burning, the flame-wielder cannot take any reactions.
FriendsCantrip Control 
Time Required:1 action Range:Self Duration:Up to 1 minute
During the effect, the caster has advantage on all competition saves involving social interaction directed at a single creature who is not hostile at the time of casting. Further, the caster will add +5 to any DC required in social interactions. On the completion of the cantrip, the creature influenced is permitted a Perception check against a DC (d4+6) to be aware that magic was used against him, her or it.
HairstyleCantrip Control 
Time Required:1 action Range:Touch Duration:Up to 7 days
By running one's hands along a willing creature's hair, this can change its color, shape, form, and even length, up to 1 foot shorter or longer. The effect will last for seven days or until the recipient is no longer willing to keep the change, whichever expires first.
ItemizeCantrip Control 
Time Required:1 action Range:30 feet Duration:Instantaneous
The quantity of a specific non-magical item within view can be instantly known. This is the cheat to how many marbles in the jar. The type of item must be have been handled in the past. If the caster has never eaten or touched a banana before, then knowing how many are in the tree above is not possible. The object being itemized must also be reasonably specific. One can learn how many apples are in a basket, for example, but not how many items of fruit in a pantry.
JubilateCantrip Control 
Time Required:1 action Range:60 feet Duration:Instantaneous
Using an enchantment that works the same way as inspiration; therefore, those two cannot work in conjunction. A happy little tune is sung, bolstering the spirits of one friendly creature within range, who gains 1 temporary hit point and allows a +1 bonus to the first die roll, be it a save, attack or check. These enhancements last until the start of the caster's next turn.
LightCantrip Control 
Time Required:1 action Range:Touch Duration:1 hour
Upon touching an object, no larger than five-feet in any dimension, which objects emits bright light in a 20-foot radius, colored as desired. Covering the object blocks the light, and the effect can be dismissed at will. However, if the object is worn or held by a hostile or unwilling being, then that creature may roll an Agility save against a DC (d4+8) to avoid it.
MendingCantrip Control 
Time Required:1 minute Range:Touch Duration:Permanent
This cantrip repairs a single break in an object touched. This can mend a tear or two broken halves so long as the break or tear is no larger than six inches in any dimension. The result leaves no trace of the former damage. If the rupture is too large, then the cantrip make no repair at all.
MessageCantrip Control 
Time Required:1 action Range:120 feet Duration:1 round
Pointing at another creature, a message can be whispered. The target, and only the target, hears the message and can reply in a whisper that only the caster can hear. However, the target must be in line of sight. Moreover, the sent message occurs on the caster’s turn, while the reply is made on the recipient’s turn. If the recipient’s turn occurs after the caster’s next turn the following round, then no reply can be made.
MockeryCantrip Control 
Time Required:1 action Range:60 feet Duration:Up to 2 rounds
The caster spews enchanted insults at a single creature within range. Assuming the creature is not deaf, as comprehension is not required for the magic to work, then it must make a Will preservation save against a DC (d4+8) or become at disadvantage for its next action.
PepperCantrip Control 
Time Required:1 action Range:30 feet Duration:Instantaneous
One creature within view and range suddenly sneezes loudly unless making a Will preservation save an against a DC (d4+6).
PrestidigitationCantrip Control 
Time Required:1 action Range:10 feet Duration:Up to 1 minute
This cantrip can perform a simple trick, which can manifest in one of several different ways:
  • Create an instantaneous and harmless sensory effect, such as a puff of wind, shower of sparks, music or odd odor.
  • Light or snuff a flame up to the size of a torch, instantaneously
  • Clean or soil an object smaller than one-cubic foot
  • Chill, warm or flavor a nonliving material smaller than one-cubit foot lasting up to one hour.
  • Create a mark or symbol of a desired color on a nonliving object or surface lasting up to one hour.
RecollectionCantrip Control 
Time Required:Varies Range:60 feet Duration:Up to 6 seconds
This allows a reaction to be used to capture seeing something in range. That image can be displayed as a glamour within five feet of the caster and requiring an action. Essentially the scene is magically saved in memory as a snippet of what is seen, such as a building, a scene in a bar or a facial expression. Up to two images can be held at one time, losing the oldest if capturing a new one beyond the capacity. This is visual only, having no audio component.
ResistanceCantrip Control 
Time Required:1 action Range:Touch Duration:Up to 1 minute
Upon touching a willing creature, the caster selects which attribute Body, Mind or Spirit to affect. The enchanted being then may roll a d4 in addition to the first save roll made for any sub-attribute of selection within the next minute. However, cumulative castings will not add further bonuses.
StabilizeCantrip Control 
Time Required:1 action Range:Touch Duration:Instantaneous
By touching a living creature who is at 0 or negative Body points, the recipient becomes stable and lifted from the death saves. It will not remove any level of exhaustion.
True StrikeCantrip Control 
Time Required:1 action Range:30 feet Duration:1 round
Upon the casting of this cantrip and concentrating until the next action the following round, the caster gains insight against the single-targeted creature in range. Provided the concentration has not broken, during the next action in the following round, the caster can gain advantage against the recipient. The advantage could be melee, range or magical attack.
ValetCantrip Control 
Time Required:1 action Range:30 feet Duration:1 minute
A floating, translucent hand appears at a point of choosing. It remains until the duration or dismissed and has a movement rate of 30 feet. Ani actions performed by the hand must be done as actions of the caster and the hand cannot multitask or exist while other incarnations of the cantrip are manifested. It can open doors, containers. The hand can lift or manipulate up to 10 pounds of mass. However, it cannot attack or activate magic/alchemical items.
Written PhraseCantrip Control 
Time Required:1 action Range:Touch Duration:Up to 1 minute
While speaking a word or phrase aloud and touching a book, scroll, or other object covered in writing, each instance of that word or phrase present becomes highlighted in glowing script for the duration. If used on a book, it will flip to the first page containing the subject of your search. The duration can last up to one minute but requires concentration, meaning the caster cannot take other actions or reactions.
Fey Skills
Arbor-ForgingGreen Stitching and ArmoringAgility 5+
With this skill, one can use feywood to create elfin-chain, which is a light armor. An elfin-chain shirt is AC 13, but has no penalty for sorcery; further, it sleeps as light armor. A full suit of elfin-mail is AC 15 and classified as medium armor, sleeps as medium, and only has a disadvantage for sorcery.
Karma Attainment: 1 Week honing the skill with the one who reveals the method of the skill
Conjure Minor ChaosSummon Pests or Summon Vines Judgment 4+
There is an important material resource needed to use this skill; it is a vial of blood from a humanish or atavistoid which has been killed in within the last day. With this magic, two moon demons appear. These will disappear when dropped to zero Body points or after five minutes (30 rounds of combat). The demons are hostile to all creatures. A demon attacks the nearest non-demons to the best of its ability. When conjuring the demons, the summoner swirls the blood in a circle, roughly a 10-ft radius; the demons appear outside that circle but within 40 feet of the summoner. The summoned demons cannot cross the circle or target anyone in it. It requires a long rest to perform this ability again.
Dendrosophy: Heat-BlossomCantrip Control and AstrologyPerception 4+
The fey skill combines agronomy and fey magic to produce extraordinary crops. Once per year, the disciple can plant up a fruit-bearing trees or bush. The result of this sacramental rooting produces inedible orbs, when plucked from the branch produce warmth and light for about a week. The special fruit does not burn, but it will radiate both heat and light equivalent to a campfire. After the week has passed, the orb rots, diminishing in its glow until it completely decays over the next few days.
Karma Attainment: Sacrifice a pig that has been personally owed for at least one month; after its death, circle the pig exactly nine times, then remove its intestines and hang them on a tree; sleep there that night; long rest.
Dendrosophy: Off-SeasonCantrip Control and Astrology Perception 4+
This fey skill is similar to heat-blossom in that it allows a fruit-bearing plant to be rooted once per year. However, this version causes the normal fruit of the tree to bloom in the off-season; thus, cherries would blossom in winter, while grapes would grow in early spring.
Karma Attainment: Time to acquire a rabbit or hare personally, chased down without tools or weapons, the sacrifice the animal sprinkling its blood on the roots of a tree, the sleeping there; long rest.
Dendrosophy: Strange-FruitCantrip Control and Astrology Perception 4+
Like the other forms of dendrosophy, this skill allows the flora to grow and bear fruit from outside of the region, such as oranges in an arctic zone. Another option might be to grow a root-vegetable like potatoes.
Karma Attainment: Having sex in a forest, which re-enacts the sowing of the earth, then remaining there naked for a long rest
Fey BindingCantrip Control and Creature Specifics (Fey)Mind 15+
Once learning specific lore for fey creatures, this skill allows the ability to bind a fey spirit to another person or to oneself. Only one fey spirit can be linked to another living being at one time. The process is a special woodlands summoning, requiring 24 hours where the person to whom the fey will be linked must be present. The material costs are roughly 100 bits for herbs, amber incense, and a brazier full of duskwood chips. The fey spirit is summoned on a successful Will check (DC:9), and it will come in the form of another creature and act as a charmed animal companion (see skill) serving its master for the following five years; however, unless noted in the benefits fey spirits cannot attack unless defending themselves against direct attack and will still often flee to survive. One further benefit from a fey companion is the ability to see and hear through that creature once per day, which acts as an act of scrying for one minute. Thus, fey-bound companions are often used as spies. Different types of fey forms offer different benefits, but each will have the abilities of their form. Some are due to advantages for the spirit while others benefit the master. The form will be based on a 2d6 roll:
2ImpFey Spirit can communicate telepathically with the Master
3QuasitFey Spirit can attack and speak the abyssal language
4HawkFey Spirit can fly; Master gains +1 on Perception
5CatMaster gains +2 on Stealth actions
6BatFey Spirit can fly
7MonkeyFey Spirit can climb
8OwlFey Spirit can fly
9RavenFey Spirit can fly; Master gains free language as a supernatural ability during fey's service
10TurtleMaster gains +1 magical AC bonus like having a ring of protection
11BrownieFey Spirit can communicate in the common language
12PseudodragonFey Spirit can fly, can attack and has a random cantrip
The summoning ritual can only be performed once every three months, whether successful or not. As a result, this skill is rarely offered as a business service and the fey-binder is often very selective of the recipient.
Fiend PracticumCantrip Control and Creature Specifics (Fiend)Spirit 15+
After acquiring “fiend lore” by taking creature specifics for fiends, this skill allows some methods for dealing and harming creatures of the lower planes.
Protection from Evil: By spreading a two-foot diameter circle of runes made from herbs and silver shavings (cost: 50 bits), the occupant inside the circle gains a preternatural protection from fiends. So long as the being on the interior does not cross the circle or reach outside of it, then no fiend can physically enter or harm the occupant. Further, any charms, fear or spell-effects originating from the fiend are at disadvantage to affect the protected being.
Pentagram Cage: This allows the complex knowledge to create a pentagram that can trap a fiend, who once entering it cannot easily break free from it. The materials needed are herbs, silver shavings, and powdered rubies. The circle can be from two-feet in diameter to a maximum of ten-feet. The cost increases according to size (100 bits multiplied by 3x-diameter). Tiny fiends, such as imps, can be trapped by a two-foot diameter; small require three-feet; a medium fiend can be trapped by a six-foot diameter circle; and the largest is required for large-sized fiends. The fiend is guaranteed to be trapped for one hour. However, after that, each hour it may make a Will check to fine a weakness in the cage. When creating it, the GM secretly rolls the DC, which is 12+2d4 (and it remains that DC for every attempt to escape).
Binding Pact: Once trapping a fiend in a pentagram cage, a sage with fiend practicum can recite a supernatural binding ceremony to create a pact with the captured creature. This is an hour-long process, meaning the fiend will have one-chance to escape before being bound. This becomes an agreement in exchange for being set free from the cage. This could be knowledge or a specific act. Fiends with a total Spirit score of 7 or lower are immediately bound. Those with a Spirit score from 8 to 20 are permitted a save every hour against Will (DC:14) and are only bound to the pact after failing the save. Those with higher Spirit scores must fail two saves before bind bound to the pact.
Green StitchingCantrip Control and LeatherworkingAgility 4+
With this fey skill, the lateral appendages of the darkleaf tree can be sewn together to create armors equal to leather or even studded leather armor. Such armor is often referred to as goluka armor. The return for using darkleaf plants over actual leather is the lack of maintenance for the armor and minor healing properties it offers.
Karma Attainment: Wrapping one finger in darkleaf for 1 Week, not permitting it to dry out. There is a 1 in 20 chance the finger will be permanently stained green.
Hail SteedSummon Pests or Summon Vines Will 4+
This fey magic summons a spirit that assumes the form of an intelligent, strong, and loyal steed. Appearing in an unoccupied space within 30 feet, the steed takes on a form that you choose: a horse, a pony, a camel, an elk, or a lizard steed. (The GM might can other animals to be summoned as steeds.) The steed has the statistics of the chosen form. Additionally, if your steed has a Mind of 1 or less, its Mind becomes 2, and it gains the ability to understand one language of your choice that you speak. The steed serves a mount and can be used with any existing skills designed for that type of mount. If the steed drops to 0 Body points, it disappears, leaving behind no physical form. You can also dismiss your steed at any time as an action, causing it to disappear. Otherwise, the spirit steed will persist for eight hours. The steed can only be summoned once until taking a long rest.
Spiritual NatureCantrip Control and Wilderness Survival Spirit 13+
This is a mystical connection between the character and all of nature. A person with this skill can accurately predict natural, non-magical weather for the next eight hours. This forecast ability is not innately constant; it requires approximately ten minutes to discern. Novel plants are able to be identified on a Muse feat against a DC:8. This can be used for to determine edibility or ingredient identification for brewing or alchemy. Additionally, once per week, this connection permits one question to be asked to the environment around him or her in one-mile radius. The question must be in the form which can be answered by Yes or No response. This is performed by communing with animals, plants and even natural spirits. The actual response (from the GM) my be something other than yes or no, but the question must be phrased in that way. Finally, these powers cannot be performed in an urban setting or underground.
Summon Small BeastSummon Pests or Summon Vines Will 4+
Through this fey magic skill, the summoner calls forth a bestial spirit. It manifests in an unoccupied space that can be seen by the summoner within 60 feet. The spirit will adapt to fit either air, land, or water, as desired by the summoner. The creature resembles an animal-like being native to the chosen environment. Its stats will be presented by the GM from the Bestiary; however, it would similar to a small wolf or an oversized eagle. The creature disappears when it drops to 0 Body points or after thirty minutes. The creature is an ally to the summoner and companions. In combat, the creature shares the summoner's initiative count, but it takes its turn immediately after the summoner. It obeys verbal commands. Speaking on turn is a free action. If no command is issued, the beast takes the defensive action and uses its move to avoid danger. After the beast reverts to spirit form, another cannot be summoned until after a short rest.
Summon PestsCantrip Control Will 3+
This skill teaches the methods of fey summoning to swarm of gnats, fleas, mites, bees, flying ants or similar insects. The group of vermin will appear on one creature seen within 30 feet. The target must succeed on a Resilience preservation save (DC:9) or suffer 2 points of poison damage; however, the poison restriction is not part of the attack. Once the single attack is over, the pests fade from existences. When performing this once, it requires a short rest to perform again. This is one of the gateway skills for all fey summoning powers.
Karma Attainment: Blood from the sacrifice of a chicken, goat, sheep, donkey, cow, or even a dog are spilled of the feces of the same. The blood soaked feces is smear over one’s face, followed by a Long Rest.
Summon VinesCantrip Control Will 3+
This skill works as a reaction to a successful melee attack against an opponent. Once hitting the enemy is such a way, then the attacker may use a reaction to summon a writhing mass of thorny vines that appear at the point of impact. The victim must make a Strength preservation save (DC:10) or suffer the restrained restriction. Large-sized creatures or bigger save at advantage. While restrained at the start of each turn, the victim is permitted a free and immediate attempt to break free by rolling another Strength save with the DC being 2 points lower each turn. Once the DC reaches 0, the victim is free even if having failed all previous attempts. A short rest is required to perform again. This is one of the gateway skills for all fey summoning powers.
Team of PixiesSummon Pests or Summon Vines Muse 3+
This summons a team of six pixies who work together to perform simple tasks at command for up to one hour. The pixies spring into existence in an unoccupied space on within 60 feet. They cannot attack but can be killed. The summoner can dismiss them at will with no action or reaction required. On each turn of the summoner, a verbal command can be given whereby the team of pixies can move up to 40 feet and interact with an object. The pixies can perform simple tasks that a human could do, such as fetching things, cleaning, mending, folding clothes, lighting fires, serving food, and pouring wine. Once given the command, the pixies performs the task to the best of heir ability until it completes the task, then wait for the next command. Should the pixies and summoner be separated by more than 60 feet, then the pixies wink out of existence. Once performing this, it requires a short rest to perform again.
Wildshape, FlightSpiritual NatureBody 18+
Wildshape, Flight is identical to wildshape, land except the selected animal may be those of a flying nature.
Wildshape, LandSpiritual NatureBody 13+
Wildshape skills are transforming abilities where one takes on the form of a true animal in the wild. This is useful in two main areas: combat and exploration. When wildshape occurs, all equipment becomes part of the new form and is unusable in this state, then said equipment returns to its normal condition when the person returns to his or her humanoid form. While in the form, combat attacks will occur as the animal, not the combat skills of the original entity. Other skills or abilities can be gained from either the origin or the animal, but the two cannot combine. Also, no casting, axioms, cantrips, or invocations, can happen while transformed. An additional limit to all wildshapes is the chosen animal cannot have more Body points than the one transforming. Also, such a transformation cannot be performed again without a short rest. Further, the land version only allows the transformation into walking creatures.
Wildshape, WaterSpiritual NatureBody 15+
Wildshape, Water is identical to wildshape, land except the selected animal may be those of a swimming or underwater-breathing nature.