Enchanted Realms Rulebook

How to Play

General rules are described in each section; however, specific rules (for race, skill, item or other) will override the general rule. If there is ever a question: specific beats general.

Always round-down. This isn’t just at the half-way mark, but it is a “floor” method; thus, even 1.9 results to a value of 1.

Games dice used are typically d20s; however, there are occasional need for d4s, d6s, d10s and d12s.

Circumstances will exist during game play when a character or monster will gain an advantage or will be at a disadvantage. When rolling a skills check on d20s, a character with advantage gains an extra d20 to the pool of dice used. A creature at disadvantage loses a d20 from the pool. If the number of dice becomes zero, then the lesser of two rolls are used.

Monsters, by definition of the game, are any creature with which an interaction can potentially occur whether socially or in combat. Thus, even a harmless mouse or benevolent unicorn is called a monster as game terminology. This would also include other civilized people living who might be friends or rivals. Most monsters are designed to be threats, but it is important to understand what it means when this text refers to something as a monster. Finally, all monsters have ability scores, have skills and use the same rules as the players.

A quick note on combat should be made here, as that is a large part of the rules for any fantasy RPG. Enchanted Realms is not a miniatures wargame where armies line up, measuring sticks are used and a degree in engineering is needed to understand the complexity of the rules. On the flip side, it is not a hack-n-slash power-hero game of who has the better weapon and a fatter bag of hit points. The design of combat is to have a semi-realistic feel, as much as that can mean for a fantasy game, where strategy and exploits on the battlefield make a difference. Certain weapons are more effective against certain defenses. Certain energy types block other energy types. Rock beats scissors which beat paper, etc. The point is, the detail, movement and running of combat is somewhere in between the two extremes mentioned above. Because it is synthesis of those, taking what we believed to be the best aspects of both types, it may feel a little different to some players. We understand this may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it is only fair to have a truthful announcement of what players are getting into here.