Enchanted Realms Rulebook

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Measuring strengths of my character

Every entity, characters and monsters, have a set of three attributes: Body, Mind and Spirit. Body represents physical health and athleticism. This also acts as life points. When a character is harmed, poisoned or fatigued, the effective value of the Body score decreases. The Mind score is one’s mental prowess, solve puzzles and void tricks. As stress occurs, mental exhaustion can set in, resulting in the potential loss of Mind points. Lastly, Spirit is a measure of willpower and faith.

From a game metrics viewpoint:

Body is a number that represents how much damage a being can withstand being dying. Other games often call this number "hit points" or "health."
Mind is a number that determines the number and power of mental abilities, typically sorcery spells, that can be performed before becoming exhausted. Other games might refer to this as "mana."
Spirit is a number to measure piety and connection with the cosmology of the fantasy world. It is the equivalent to sorcery for divine magic. Other games might measure this by the level of a priest.

There are also sub-attributes for each of these. The Body score consists of Strength, Agility and Resilience. The Mind score comes from Logic, Perception and Judgment. Lastly, Spirit is made up of Will, Faith and Muse. When creating a character, 2 points are placed in each of nine sub-attributes. Then the player places 4 additional points as desired. However, no starting sub-attribute score can exceed 5 points. Once these values are set, the total maximum score for each of the primary attributes is calculated. This is performed by taking the sum of the three sub-attributes, then adding half of that sum again. Thus, if strength is 3, agility is 3 and beauty 3, then the sum is 9 and half (rounded down) is 4, making the total Body max score 13. If loss occurs from damage, stress, fear or other causes, then the current value of the primary attribute is lowered, but the sub-attribute remain static. If those points are restored through healing, then the current score can only be increased to the maximum value.

PS: If using the Roll20 character sheet, the calculated values for the three attributes will be performed automatically.

What do these values for sub-attributes represent?

Strength is how strong the physique is; physical might
Agility is the manual dexterity, reflexes and hand-eye coordination
Resilience is a represent of hardiness and general health
Logic is the general intellect and puzzle-solving ability
Perception measures how well one uses natural senses, even unwittingly
Judgment is a score of patience and impulse control
Will is the determination held by a being
Faith measures religious devotion and believe in the unseen
Muse qualifies the artistic and creative nature

Sub-attributes can increase; however, that is only through the purchase with karma. They are more expensive and more difficult to achieve as the numbers get higher. And the maximum natural sub-attribute score a PC can obtain is 12; however, it is possible through magic means to have an effective value a little higher. Also, some monsters are not subject to this 12-maximum rule.

Lastly, sub-attribute scores can offer modifiers to skills rolls. This will be detailed later, but starting at 4 points, a bonus grants a +1 bonus, then an additional +1 bonus for each 2 points higher. Thus, a score of 6 allows for a +2; a score of 8 allows +3, etc.