Enchanted Realms Rulebook

Combat Skills

In an RPG, combat is often a heavy component. Therefore, taking some method of combat is strongly recommended. While Sorcery and Divine abilities do give opportunity to inflict damage against another, without some combat training a character is severely disadvantaged in a physical fight.

Fighting breaks down into components. At the very base level, there are two methods: melee and ranged combat. Within each of these two there are styles. For melee there are bludgeons, cleaving, martial arts, polearms and swords. For ranged combat there are only archery and hurling. Within each of these techniques, weapons are permitted, and a mastery can be learned for a specific weapon with the technique.

Even if using a “standard equipment” rule and not tracking the number of arrows carried at a time, it is important to set limits for the number of range items that can be directly on a person at a time. Even if an “unlimited” number of arrows are being carried on the pack mule, only about 20 at time can be fired before needing to spend an action to grab another quiver from the stash.

Finally, in the combat grouping of skills, prerequisites must always be higher than the dependent skill to train it upwards. Thus, swords cannot be trained if its value has exceeded melee; further, swords must be higher than weapon forte to train the mastery skill. However, augmentations are not subject to the rule. It is possible to have combat eloquence higher than melee or disarming with more points than the swords skill under which it was learned.

Trained Fighting

After increasing the skill value, there are certain milestone points where new skills that complement the original can be obtained. Once acquiring skills which have a prerequisite, the dependent skill can only be trained or increased if its value is below the requirement.




Standard Combat








Ranged Combat




Saurian Fighting


Combat Eloquence




Dirty Guile














Shield Guard


Double Punch


Style Combat






Dwarven Wrestling




Fling Finesse




Focused Shot




Gryf Diving


Martial Arts










Quick Stand


Mastery Combat




Weapon Forte


Sneak Attack




Spinning Moves








Two-Handed Fighting


Standard Combat
Melee No Requirement
Numerically Progressive: 10-50
This skill permits combat with any close-combat weapon. A weapon must be employed. No martial arts or pummeling can be used with this skill, but make-shift weapons, such as chairs and frying pans are allowed; these are d2 damage and almost always bashing. The skill gives d100 attack against body. Without this training, the rules of unskilled fighting are used.
Deflection: 10 Combat Eloquence: 15
Disengage: 10 Quickness: 15
Dirty Guile: 10 Bludgeons: 20
Gryf Diving: 10 Cleaving: 20
Shadowing: 10 Martial Arts: 20
Sneak Attack: 10 Pole-Arms: 20
Berserker: 15 Swords: 20

Ranged Combat No Requirement
Numerically Progressive: 10-50
This skill permits combat personal ranged weapons, such as bows, darts, thrown daggers, etc. The skill gives d100 attack against body.
Archery: 20 Hurling: 20

Saurian Fighting Saurians Only
Numerically Progressive: 10-50
This skill permits combat with natural body weapons of claws and a tail, unique to saurians only. The skill gives d100 attack against body. To use this skill during combat only melee, martial arts and spinning moves can be combined. When attacking only with claws and tail, the saurian can use the melee score plus saurian fighting score to add to the two percentile rolls. If the melee is used with any other weapon, the saurian cannot take advantage of this racial fighting skill.
Martial Arts: 20    

Siege No Requirement
Numerically Progressive: 10-50
This skill imbues operating a combat siege machine. Damage delivered and to whom or what depends on the type of machine used.
Avoidance Skills
Cover No Requirement
Numerically Progressive: 10-50
Because archers and spell-casters are able to use an active melee "style" component, their defense values are simply lower by comparison. As a result, the cover skill has been developed for distance-combatants to use their surroundings to protect themselves better. This may be hiding behind a corner or a tree and firing arrows. This could be crouching in tall grass, standing only to release a fire dart. This could even be somersaulting from spot to spot to get behind another rock. Even some military archers carry their own blinds to set up and fire behind. Cover does not mean immobile, but it might limit the areas where one can use it. The GM could state staying in the tree-line permits cover to be used, but advancing out of it will cause the skill to be inapplicable. In the end, this answers the players' question, "Can I find some cover to better protect myself as a cast?" The answer is, if you're using this skill, then you have. Lastly, while it should be obvious, let it be known for the record that this skill cannot be used when actively engaged in melee.

Deflection No Requirement
Numerically Progressive: 10-50
This is the use of one's weapon or arms to lessen the severity of incoming attacks. It can only be performed when actively in melee. This is a combination of several different methods used as needed, and the value of the skill denotes how well a character is at it. It could be a true parry with a sword or axe head. It might be gripping the opponent's swinging arm with a free hand. It could be spinning out of the way of an incoming volley of arrows. In some ways the actual movements are the same as why "style" is a component of defense; however, the difference is incidental talent versus deliberate and intentional action.

Shield Guard No Requirement
Numerically Progressive: 10-50
Anyone can carry a shield, which effectively provides protection as a piece of armor. However, with the use of this skill, a person can employee it efficiently - blowing blows, providing shelter from arrows and even absorb energy from magical blasts. While it does require the active carrying of a shield and restricting the use of one's free arm, shield guard is essentially always active regardless of combat.