Enchanted Realms Rulebook

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The Pathway to Advancement

When embarking on the adventures of the story, as results occur based on the relative success, then the GM will award advancement points, called karma. This is similar to what other systems call bonus points, experience points or leveling. Players will receive karma for various reasons. Sometimes it is for crucial skill use or for excellent character choices through role play. Usually it is for succeeding at challenges and completing missions.

The method of award is mostly up to the GM. Some will keep track and award the karma at specific timing of the story. Awarding an amount at the end of the session is another. Perhaps a GM will dole karma out after each challenge scenario. Further, tracking by individual or by a group average is solely a GM choice.

When awarded, the amount will be recorded on a player’s character sheet, as a running total. However, karma tracked by what is available to use, not a total score from all time. The points from karma are used by “purchasing” new skills. Thus, the when spent, the running total is lowered by the cost amount.

Skills are not the only thing to buy with karma. Sub-attribute scores can also be increased with karma. In fact, it may be necessary to do this from time to time to gain the desired skill. Each boost is made one-point at a time and cost 100 points per point of what the new score will become. Thus, moving from a 3 to a 4 costs 400 karma.

While normally used to advance one’s character, there is one other option for karma. It can be used to “buy” a one-time advantage for a specific scenario. When taking an action, but not a reaction, a player may sacrifice (spend) 10 points of unused karma to gain advantage on that action. This can be performed as many times as the player chooses and can afford.