Enchanted Realms Rulebook


In fantasy world, there are several types of vision. The three most common are normal vision, darkvision and spirit sight. This is a brief discussion of the effects of these in differing conditions.

Normal Vision

Normal vision is exactly what is sounds like; it is what you are using now, viewing the normal visual spectrum. What this means is in darkness, normal or magical, it is more difficult to operate and fight. Anyone using normal vision suffers a penalty of -15 on attack rolls in the night and -30 on attack rolls in total darkness. Also, movement is half of normal.


Darkvision is unique eyesight adapted by subterranean and nocturnal creatures. It allows them to operate in darkness as if it were normal. Therefore, no penalties for fighting in the dark. Because most creatures with darkvision operate in the normal spectrum as well, there are no penalties for regular lighting. However, in the open during midday when there is no cloud coverage or shade, creatures with darkvision suffer -10 on attack rolls. Summer offers about three hours where it is difficult. Other seasons may offer a few problematic days as well. Additionally, if creatures with darkvision are hit with a spotlight or magical light very near to them, then they suffer -30 on attacks as they are blinded like a normal vision person is in total darkness.

Spirit Sight

Lastly, spirit sight is a special sensation for creatures that do not rely on vision. Most of the walking dead and “unliving" creatures, known as feratu, find their prey like this because many feratu do not have functioning eyes. Spirit sight is the detection of a living creature’s aura, biofield or life song. For those without it, it can be best thought of as the radar sense used by the comic-book hero Daredevil. Of course, this means those with spirit sight are not affected by light conditions; however, if one can mask himself from life-detection, then the spirit sight could not know he was there. Of course, this will not work for all feratu, for example vampires, as they make use of normal vision as well (or possibly darkvision for a dwarven vampire).