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 Over-Category: Biophage 
 Kingdom: Mutant 
Beings that are biophages are those who eat and survive by the consumption of other living and materials or various nutrients that reside in the earth or native terrain.
Mutants are monsters in the strictest sense frightening creatures that are not ordinary, not truly natural, and almost never benign. Some are the results of magical experimentation gone awry, and others are the product-of terrible curses. Unless stated otherwise, mutant beasts eat, sleep, and breathe.


A sunbane is a cursed being that hibernates during the day because the sunlight causes burning damage at a rate of 1 Body point at the end of the cursed's turn each round. During its night hours it appears as its normal humanish or atavistoid form; however, it has a bloodlust for fighting but only if provoked into a fight. If provoked but not attacked, a cursed sunbane rolls a Judgment feat (DC:13) to determine if it responds hostilely. Once fighting, the sunbane transform from its normal state to a dark gruesome creature with claws, who will attack anyone, friend or foe, until no one remains or the sunbane dies. While in the dark transformation, the sunbane is completely immune to any effect that requires a save for Mind or Spirit subqualities.
In an odd twist to this curse, it is not the victims of the sunbane who become cursed, but rather the slayer of a sunbane. Whoever delivers the coup de grace must make a secret faith preservation save (DC:8) or become cursed oneself. This is true whether physical contact is made or is destroyed by magic. The transformation occurs over the next month where the victim hates daytime more and more. By a week later, the sunlight burns for a point of damage if exposed longer than an hour. By two weeks, the burning damage happens every 10 minutes. Finally in the turning, the neo-sunbane cannot be exposed without suffering at the full rate; however, the transformation and bloodlust will not occur until the full month passes. Note, however, should the sunbane die by sunlight, then there is no slayer and the curse will end.

Body: 31 ( STR:8, AGIL:6, RESIL:7 )
Mind: 9 ( LOGIC:2, PERC:2, JUDG:2 )
Spirit: 9 ( WILL:2, FAITH:2, MUSE:2 )
Movement: 50 feet
Size Category: Medium 
Armor Class: 14
Attack: Claws
Number of d20s: 2
To-Hit Modifier: +8
Damage Type: edged
Damage: 4 to 5 pts