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These dog-headed humanoids stand around six feet tall and can be easily mistaken for howls or even werewolves. The race's legitimate name is too difficult to say for most; therefore, they are often called dogface-men. However, cynocephali are quite social and range greatly in temperament. They speak, but seem to have a limited vocabulary. They live around 200 years, but they have a very short breading season, which makes them a dying breed. Groups of cynocephali have rarely been found in numbers greater than twenty.
Body: 16 ( STR:4, AGIL:3, RESIL:4 )
Mind: 7 ( LOGIC:2, PERC:2, JUDG:1 )
Spirit: 9 ( WILL:2, FAITH:2, MUSE:2 )
Movement: 60 feet
Size Category: Medium 
Armor Class: 11
Attack: Staff
Number of d20s: 1
To-Hit Modifier: +4
Damage Type: blunt
Damage: 3 pts