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The saber-tooth tiger stands over three feet to the shoulder and is eight feet from snout to rump. The cat weighs over 700 pounds. These creatures have swarming as a natural skill, making their hunting packs of up to eight a serious danger. Like all primevals, certain Mind and Spirit preservation saves are automatically made.
Notes: Swarming
Body: 31 ( STR:7, AGIL:7, RESIL:7 )
Mind: 6 ( LOGIC:1, PERC:2, JUDG:1 )
Spirit: 6 ( WILL:3, FAITH:0, MUSE:1 )
Movement: 80 feet
Size Category: Large (+1 to hit)
Armor Class: 14
Attack: Bite
Number of d20s: 2
To-Hit Modifier: +7
Damage Type: piercing
Damage: 4 to 5 pts