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This feline species, a little larger than the domesticated cat (around the size of a bobcat), inhabits forests and thicketed areas. They are difficult to see because of a semi-camouflaged coat which causes the Perception check to notice them to be a base DC of 13, even in open sight. Terrain and condition modifiers could throw even further penalties. Jaguarundi tend not to attack prey larger than the size category Small.
Notes: Camouflage
Body: 9 ( STR:2, AGIL:2, RESIL:2 )
Mind: 4 ( LOGIC:1, PERC:1, JUDG:1 )
Spirit: 4 ( WILL:2, FAITH:0, MUSE:1 )
Movement: 50 feet
Size Category: Small 
Armor Class: 10
Attack: Claws
Number of d20s: 1
To-Hit Modifier: 0
Damage Type: edged
Damage: 2 pts