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Andurga Demon

From the waist up, andurgas appear to be attractive humanoid women with six arms, but their lower halves are those of giant, green snakes. This has led them to be called “lamia demons” from time to time. In each hand they carry highly decorated weapons, and adorn themselves with jewelry. They measure 20?feet in total length, giving them a standing height of around 7 to 8 feet.

Andurgas have wicked personalities, eager to bring pain and betrayal to others, but this malice is accompanied by a shrewd cunning. They are highly intelligent beings with a strong sense for strategy and in matters of army-level tactics.

Andurgas eagerly join melee combat if given the chance, though they carefully size up a given situation and use terrain and vulnerabilities to their advantage. What is difficult terrain for a human is often normal for an andurga. They can swiftly strike with their many weapons, which allow them 5d20 in melee attacks, but they also have skills similar to spinning moves, which permits them to split those dice among different targets. Also, this demon can add its tail tail as a multi-attack upon any target of its swords.

Further, the andurga demon has a few specialized attacks. One is the swath of destruction, where the demon uses its mass and wild swinging of weapons to clear a path. It moves up to 75 feet in a straight line as a charge, allowing it to move through the occupancy of any medium or smaller creature. Any being of such size in the path or an adjacent hex must make an Agility preservation save (DC:17) or become knocked prone. Those in the direct path also suffer 3d4 points of edged damage or half as much if making the same save. The specialty can only be used once every six rounds.

Another nasty ability is the creation of a razor ring, which has a diameter chosen by the demon up to 60 feet. The wall of spinning blades is 20 feet tall and 2 feet thick. It offers 3/4 cover for any ranged attacks outside of it; plus it is considered difficult terrain if any runs through it. If any creature passed through the wall, that being must attempt an Agility preservation save (DC:19). Failing the save inflicts 5d4 points of edged damage or half as much on a successful save.

Finally, andurga demons have special magical abilities. While not using them as often because they prefer combat, they are capable of casting the following as an action: detect magic, detect thoughts, discordance, false aura, ghost sound, glamour mouth, glitter, ignis fatuus, petty glamour, and sleep. Twice per day, an andurga can use an action to manifest the following: astasia, confusion, conjure barrage, ether wisp, fear, phantasmal distraction, polymorph, sectantur and shadow turf. Anduras can also teleport one time in a day. Also, these demons have dark vision but more dangerous they possess true sight.
Notes: Swath of Destruction
Razor Ring
Body: 52 ( STR:12, AGIL:10, RESIL:13 )
Mind: 28 ( LOGIC:7, PERC:6, JUDG:6 )
Spirit: 24 ( WILL:8, FAITH:4, MUSE:4 )
Movement: 75 feet
Size Category: Large (+1 to hit)
Armor Class: 22
Need magic to hit
Attack: Swords
Number of d20s: 5
To-Hit Modifier: +12
Damage Type: edged
Damage: 7 to 11 pts
Attack: Tail
Number of d20s: 2
To-Hit Modifier: +12
Damage Type: blunt
Damage: 7 to 8 pts
Attack Special: onHit;{"type":"save","quality":"agilty","DC":"8"};{"command":"n-markers","tags":[{"tag":"prone","parameter":"true"}]}