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 Over-Category: Biophage 
 Kingdom: Glitch 
Beings that are biophages are those who eat and survive by the consumption of other living and materials or various nutrients that reside in the earth or native terrain.
Glitches are utterly alien beings. Many of them have innate magical abilities drawn from the creature's alien mind rather than the mystical forces of the world. However, they eat, sleep, and breathe.


Anzû is a very large storm bird. It has a wingspan of roughly 20-feet, and loves to fly into horrible weather, of which is immune to the natural effects. Further, this mythical avian is highly resistant to lightning attacks. It can release a powerful gush of water from his body, often appearing to breath out the damaging blast of liquid filled with tiny rocks and pebbles, effectively delivery blunt damage to a single target.

Body: 36 ( STR:9, AGIL:7, RESIL:8 )
Mind: 9 ( LOGIC:2, PERC:2, JUDG:2 )
Spirit: 9 ( WILL:2, FAITH:2, MUSE:2 )
Movement: 90 feet
Size Category: Huge (+2 to hit)
Armor Class: 12
Lightning: 14
Attack: Talons
Number of d20s: 2
To-Hit Modifier: +9
Damage Type: edged
Damage: 6 to 7 pts
Attack: Water-Gush
Number of d20s: 3
To-Hit Modifier: +7
Damage Type: blunt
Damage: 3 to 5 pts