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 Over-Category: Esthephage 
 Kingdom: Kami 
Esthephages do not “eat” in the traditional since as biophages; however, they still have a need to consume from an energy source to maintain the vigor and life energies of their lifesong. That source is forms of emotional feelings and social ambiance.
A kami is a non-corporeal being in service of the gods, though usually very indirect. Often they are called spirits; however, some fey creatures are also called spirits. Kami have very long lifespans lasting hundreds, sometimes thousands, of years. Most spirits are transparent and many invisible.
Kamii do not eat per se, but they have their life forces vitalized by communications between deities and mortals. Quite often the kamii are part of the conversation. This is not quite the same as worship or emotional energy needed by celestials; instead, kamii feed off the existence of the conversation itself.
There are two phyla of the kamii: apothetarian and boramey. Apolthetarian kamii inhabit all things, including forces of nature and prominent landscape locations. Mostly, these spirits handle the busy work of a deity’s schedule. The boramey spirits are supernatural entities whose purpose is to bond with a mortal’s lifesong. Through this connection, the boramey feeds upon the energies of the host. A result of the integration of life forces, the host gains observable changes. Depending on the type of kamii that latches itself to the being, it might be a beneficial symbiosis. However, some of the boramey combinations are parasitic and lethal.

Dakas, Grim (Apothetarian)

The grim dakas is a psychopomp. Its responsibility is to escort newly deceased souls from material world to their appropriate afterlife. Its role is not to judge the deceased but rather act merely as a guide. The legend of the valkyries are likely to be a grim dakas. These spirits almost never appear to the living as they are invisible and non-corporeal; however, in extreme cases, a grim dakas can appear in any form it chooses. When appearing to a freshly dead soul, it will often appear as a friendly and likable image from the memory of the deceased. Its true form, however, is like that of a giant biped with the head of an heron. There is almost never a need for a grim dakas to attack in a melee style; however, if such an occasion were to arise, it would do so by performing a simple touch. If successfully striking, it would deliver a small bit of necrosis to the flesh, but would force the victim to make a Resilience preservation save (DC:14) or suffer a cardiac event. This is ruled as if suffering asphyxiation and the victim suffers three restrictions: asphyxiation, disadvantage and is attacked at advantage by others; however, instead of trying to reach breathable air, the victim has the number of rounds to find a way to stop the heart issue. It is possible to remove the event by a free curse, remove disease, or a healing incantation of treat moderate body damage or stronger. However, a healing salve will not prevent the cardiac attack from continuing, but a potion of panacea would. Once the duration has expired, the victim’s Body score immediately becomes zero and the state of unconsciousness results. The chart can be found in the asphyxiation section of the rules. After falling unconscious, at the start of each subsequent turn, the victim must make a “death save.” If failing the save, it suffers a point of damage, delving deeper into the score of negative Body points. When the negative value reaches a point of death, the victim dies, obviously. If the “death save” succeeds, the event stops short of killing the target. Finally, as for combat, remember that a dakas is a non-corporeal being whether visible or not. It can only be struck by magical weapons and even then the strike must be capable of striking into the ethereal to inflict damage unto its form.

Body: 33 ( STR:8, AGIL:5, RESIL:9 )
Mind: 19 ( LOGIC:4, PERC:5, JUDG:4 )
Spirit: 33 ( WILL:8, FAITH:9, MUSE:5 )
Movement: 120 feet
Size Category: Giant (+3 to hit)
Armor Class: 16
Need magic to hit
Attack: Necrosis
Number of d20s: 1
To-Hit Modifier: +3
Damage Type: necrotic
Damage: 1 pts
Attack Special: onHit;{"type":"save","quality":"faith","DC":"14"};{"command":"n-markers","tags":[{"tag":"asphyxiation","parameter":"true"},{"tag":"disadvantage","parameter":"true"},{"tag":"attackedAtAdvantage","parameter":"true"}]}