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Giant Ant

A four-foot long ant with slashing mandibles. Giant ants are colony creatures; however, there tend not to be numbers in the thousands as with their smaller versions. The largest population a giant anthill will grow is to around one hundred before a new queen will be produced to split off and establish a new brood. Upon any successful bite, the ant delivers a painful poison. This toxin does no damage, but if the victim fails a body preservation save (DC 7), then for the remainder of the round the pain inflicts disadvantage for all attacks and preservation saves and any feats attempted.
Body: 13 ( STR:3, AGIL:3, RESIL:3 )
Mind: 1 ( LOGIC:0, PERC:1, JUDG:0 )
Spirit: 1 ( WILL:1, FAITH:0, MUSE:0 )
Movement: 40 feet
Size Category: Medium 
Armor Class: 11
Attack: Bite
Number of d20s: 1
To-Hit Modifier: 0
Damage Type: piercing
Damage: 2 pts
Attack Special: onHit;resilienceDC7;{"command":"n-markers","tags":[{"tag":"disadvantage","parameter":1}],"specialWord":"Pain"}