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 Over-Category: Biophage 
 Kingdom: Giantkin 
Beings that are biophages are those who eat and survive by the consumption of other living and materials or various nutrients that reside in the earth or native terrain.
Giantkin tower over humans and their kind. They are humanlike in shape, though some have multiple heads or deformities. There is a subtype called true giant, but other creatures such as ogres and trolls are also giantkin.

Draugr (Horgus)

Often mistaken for undead, draugr are smaller and more intelligent cousins to trolls. Due to their size, many do not realize these species is actually in the giantkin kingdom. They resemble dark-skinned dwarves, and some become capable of speech. However, these little creatures have uncanny regenerative powers, as their name literally means “again walker.” At the end of each of its turns, a draugr restores 3 points of Body. However, they cannot split to breed like trolls do. The portion no longer connected to the head merely rots, where the main body regenerates. Even dropped to zero, the draugr will regenerate; however, if dropped into the negatives, the dark dwarf will not recover for three to five minutes. It is during this time of inactivity that one can truly be destroyed. A hero must decapitate the draugr then quickly burn it to ash. Even then the ashes can regrow over about a year unless those ashes are not thrown into a lake, sea or ocean. To make matters worse, draugr are immune to normal, wood and iron weapons. Weapons of quality, magical ones, spells or fire are needed to harm one.

Body: 15 ( STR:4, AGIL:2, RESIL:4 )
Mind: 7 ( LOGIC:1, PERC:2, JUDG:2 )
Spirit: 4 ( WILL:1, FAITH:1, MUSE:1 )
Movement: 40 feet
Size Category: Medium 
Armor Class: 12
Need silver to hit
Attack: Claws
Number of d20s: 2
To-Hit Modifier: +4
Damage Type: edged
Damage: 2 to 3 pts