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Large beast of burden. Its movement is not impeded as difficult terrain in desert or hills that have mostly no trees. Camels are also capable of a special “spit” attack which can be launched from 15 feet away. The single victim must make an Agility preservation save against DC:8; otherwise, the victim is blinded until the end of his or her next turn.
Body: 19 ( STR:4, AGIL:3, RESIL:6 )
Mind: 4 ( LOGIC:1, PERC:1, JUDG:1 )
Spirit: 4 ( WILL:3, FAITH:0, MUSE:0 )
Movement: 80 feet
Size Category: Large (+1 to hit)
Armor Class: 10
Attack: Bite
Number of d20s: 1
To-Hit Modifier: +4
Damage Type: blunt
Damage: 3 pts