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 Over-Category: Fideophage 
 Kingdom: Fiend 
Celestials and Fiends are Fideophages, who endure and sustain their existence by harnessing worship and belief but sometimes emotion as well. Mere consideration that a creature could exist by only a dozen people may be enough to sustain one. Starvation because of a lack of belief varies in time based on the power and strength of the entity in question.
Fiends are creatures of wickedness that are native to the Lower Planes. A few are the servants of deities, but many more labor under the leadership of archdevils and demon princes. Evil priests and mages sometimes summon fiends to the material world to do their bidding. If an evil celestial is a rarity, a good fiend is almost inconceivable. Fiends include demons, devils, and dybbuks.
Demons are evil agents of chaos. They are immune to poison and resistant to fire. Demons do not sleep; however, they do breathe. Demons also eat, but their need for sustenance is far different than mortal beings; demons absorb fear and hedonic emotion to feed.
Devils are methodical and astute observers; however, their wickedness runs deep. Devils radiate fear that affects non-primeval animals. They are immune to poison and fire, as well as being resistant to cold. Devils can see through darkness, even magical darkness. And they do not sleep nor breathe. As Fideophages, devils do not eat food; however, the way a devil does feed is by absorbing mental energy that emits from doubt.
Dybbuks are beings of pure evil. Such entities require magical weaponry to hit. Moreover, they are immune to acid and resistant to fire and ice. They beings do not sleep, eat food or breathe. Techically, these beings sustain their lives from the energy dispersion that erupts from a lifesone upon death.

Erinyes (Devil)

These fiends are fierce devils whose heavenly appearance belied their wicked intentions. They are the furies of the Nine Hells, responsible for bringing infernal justice and vengeful retribution to mortals and devils alike. Erinyes appear as imposing yet beautiful figures, so attractive that they could be easily mistaken for celestials. An erinyes generally stands around 6-feet tall, weighing roughly 150 pounds. Although they are naturally female, erinyes are able appear as idealized versions of either gender of any mortal race. Their natural forms normally possess glowing red eyes, as well as large, feathered wings that stayed regardless of the form that they took. Erinyes are not only physically stunning, but dangerously capable, highly disciplined and unfailingly loyal to their lords. They have powerful charming abilities, as an erinyes speaks as if using a seduction incantation. Further, erinyes have truesight.

Notes: Flight: movement 60ft
Body: 45 ( STR:10, AGIL:10, RESIL:10 )
Mind: 22 ( LOGIC:6, PERC:4, JUDG:5 )
Spirit: 27 ( WILL:8, FAITH:4, MUSE:6 )
Movement: feet
Size Category: Medium 
Armor Class: 19
Need silver to hit
Melee Fighting
Weapon Forte: Hell Sword
Ranged Fighting
Special Abilities