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Species Skills

With traits that are exclusively possessed only by members of certain species, there are skills that use those traits and specific physiology , making certain skills that cannot be learned by others. In all other ways, these species skills operate exactly as all other skills.

List of Species Skills

The chart is ordered by skill cost, while the descriptions are ordered alphabetically.

Prehensile FeetBatfolk, Gryf250
CamoufleeGnomes, Nhoblits, Small Bipeds300
Vibrational IdentityJen’esse350
ArmorlessDwarvesResilience 4+
All dwarves have the armor encumbrance, so that armor worn counts no more than 10 pounds towards encumbrance. However, with this training, a dwarf can completely ignore armor weight towards encumbrance. Like the trait, it does not alter one’s true mass. If pressure plates or weight tolerances are triggered, the creature’s true weight of the armor will be used.
Karma Attainment:A long rest
Tags: [Dwarven]
Camouflee Gnomes, Nhoblits, Small BipedsAgility 3+
Immediately after taking damage, a gnome or nhoblit with this specific skill can use a reaction to fall prone and roll up to 15 feet. This maneuver will use 15-feet of movement; thus, it must be available to use the skill. This unique flee and camouflage method allows the small person to be effectively invisible (to normal sight) until the end of the round or the start of his/her turn, whichever comes first. After using this ability once, it cannot be performed again until finishing a short or long rest.
Karma Attainment:Two days of rolling and practicing this maneuver
Tags: [Defense]
Flight-StaminaBatfolkStrength 3+
Upon being trained in this skill, a batfolk can use his or her Strength bonus to add as an additional round of flight. Thus, a batfolk with a Strength score of 6 could fly for a total of five rounds.
Karma Attainment:A long rest
Tags: [Combat]
HurdlingEquirdaAgility 3+
As part of normal movement, an equirda with this skill can clear or land on surfaces ten feet in height without a run. Heights of fifteen feet are possible if the equirda has a twenty foot running start. A standing broad-jump of fifteen feet can also be performed, while a running long-jump can clear thirty feet. The long-jump does not count against the current round of movement; however, it does remove half of the length of normal movement in the following round as the equirda recovers his or her footing from the leap.
Karma Attainment:A long rest
Tags: [Movement]
Prehensile FeetBatfolk, GryfAgility 4+
This is a special combat skill for bipedal creatures capable of gliding or flight who also have talon-like feet. The GM may rule that other species are capable of learning this skill; however, it would be highly unlikely for giant eagles, gryphons or similar creatures to ever master this skill. What this conveys is that melee weapons, even heavy two-handed ones, can be employed and wielded with the creatures feet while in air. This makes the primary hand die pool to be defined by the flier’s feet instead of the weapon hand. This does not grant a a second die pool, but rather shifts the body parts using that primary die pool. Therefore, while in flight or during a gliding attack, a combatant with this skill can strike with the feet-wielded weapon just as if it were held in his or her hands. This does not convey the ability to fight with one's feet or use one's feet to wield weapons while standing on the ground. However, it can be used while prone, so long as the combatant is on his or her back, but the attacks are at disadvantage. Further, if a gryf combined this with a gryf-diving attack and also had two-handed fighting, then “multi-strikes” could occur as the feet would act as a second die pool from the two-handed skill. This second die pool option would not be available for batfolk, as they require their arms to be in use during flight.
Karma Attainment:Three days of practicing
Tags: [Combat]
Vibrational IdentityJen’essePerception 4+
This skill is one that hones a jen’esse's natural sense of vibrations to an extremely heightened point and commonly used while hiding or using stealth. With this skill, at a range of 60 feet, a jen’esse is able to identify the race of one being encroaching the area even if it cannot be seen, so long as the jen’esse remains perfectly still, taking no other action, for one round. This is performed by concentrating on the patterns of footfalls, air movements from breathing and even the heartbeat on one other creature. This means if the jen’esse encounters this being again and performs the skill, the entity would be recognized. It also allows the jen’esse to identify those he or she knows. This can be used to identify illusions instantly and even highly-skilled shape-shifters on a Perception check against a DC:18. Further, this grants a +2 on the Perception check to detect a lie if the jen’esse also has tell-tale. Lastly, a silence effect will negate this skill.
Karma Attainment:A week of training in a small body of water, wading to the waist
Tags: [Senses]