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 Over-Category: Esthephage 
 Kingdom: Kami 
Esthephages do not “eat” in the traditional since as biophages; however, they still have a need to consume from an energy source to maintain the vigor and life energies of their lifesong. That source is forms of emotional feelings and social ambiance.
A kami is a non-corporeal being in service of the gods, though usually very indirect. Often they are called spirits; however, some fey creatures are also called spirits. Kami have very long lifespans lasting hundreds, sometimes thousands, of years. Most spirits are transparent and many invisible.
Kamii do not eat per se, but they have their life forces vitalized by communications between deities and mortals. Quite often the kamii are part of the conversation. This is not quite the same as worship or emotional energy needed by celestials; instead, kamii feed off the existence of the conversation itself.
There are two phyla of the kamii: apothetarian and boramey. Apolthetarian kamii inhabit all things, including forces of nature and prominent landscape locations. Mostly, these spirits handle the busy work of a deity’s schedule. The boramey spirits are supernatural entities whose purpose is to bond with a mortal’s lifesong. Through this connection, the boramey feeds upon the energies of the host. A result of the integration of life forces, the host gains observable changes. Depending on the type of kamii that latches itself to the being, it might be a beneficial symbiosis. However, some of the boramey combinations are parasitic and lethal.

Samas, Frost (Apothetarian)

Frost samas appear as small fairy-like beings, generally with the features of an elf. They have translucent wings and stand only 3 inches tall. The always carry a small bag of diminutive brushes and tools. Whether these items are required in their work is doubted. More likely they are some odd extension of their creative minds. Frost samas are mostly non-corporeal, requiring a magical weapon to damage one physically. The small creatures will typically avoid combat if at all possible, but seem to have a soft spot for small children. Perhaps this is due to a child’s unpolluted wonder of nature in general, and their “art” in particular. On occasion the spirits have been know to lead children to safety after an early storm. If a samas does engage in combat, it has a unique ability to deliver 1 point of cold damage to all those who attempt to engage with the spirit. However, the kami will use its dodge and deflect missiles abilities strategically against the attacks it believes would be most harmful. Rather than making an attack, one tends to use defensive actions which will deliver the cold damage on its turn. Those who have attacked prior in the round suffer the damage. Those choosing to strike at the samas after its turn will suffer the damage at the end of their attack. In the way, the samas may wear down many opponents who will chose not to continue the fight.However if the frost spirit knows it is outmatched, it will use its actions to flee. Frost samas carry out the will of the weather gods. They act to kill plants and mark the harsh truths of winter. Because their work is so wide spread and seen by so many humanoids they often push the bounds of the orders from their spirit commanders. The intricate designs they create on glass and other smooth surfaces is entirely their own doing rather than an order. In the patterns of ice they paint some say secrets can be deciphered. Some religions have woven the creatures into the myths and legends of their cultures. Whether the stories are entirely truthful in their proclaimed abilities to prophesies based on frost patterns is unsure. However, this type is one of the smartest of the samas spirit group. Their ambition is one of the highest as well, going to great efforts to keep informed of the plans of the emis.

Notes: Radiate Cold
Natural Invisibility
Telepathy as Samas
Body: 4 ( STR:1, AGIL:2, RESIL:0 )
Mind: 18 ( LOGIC:7, PERC:3, JUDG:2 )
Spirit: 16 ( WILL:3, FAITH:3, MUSE:5 )
Movement: 60 feet
Size Category: Tiny 
Armor Class: 12
Need magic to hit
Special Abilities
Alert Tribe
Detect Thoughts
Intuition (once per day)
Perceive Insanity
Speak with Animals