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Lizard Steed

These giant lizards stride on their powerful hind legs. While they are not as fast, these reptiles are capable of carrying heavy loads up to 1000 pounds. Lizard steeds are preferred by many because of their excellent ability to climb. With assistance with their front claws, these reptiles can traverse most difficult terrain without movement penalties. Further, they can ascend and descend any rough terrain of even 60 degree angles and perfectly smooth surfaces up to 45 degrees at a climbing-movement rate of 30 feet, even while mounted. Like horses, these steeds can be war-trained and wear barding. Downsides to lizard steeds used as steeds are they are more rare than horses, are not as fast, and also enter hibernation when temperatures go below 50° F. Females lay only one to two eggs every year, and if having been fertilized, the egg requires another ten months of warm nesting before hatching.
Notes: Ignore Difficult Terrain
Body: 16 ( STR:3, AGIL:4, RESIL:4 )
Mind: 4 ( LOGIC:1, PERC:1, JUDG:1 )
Spirit: 4 ( WILL:1, FAITH:1, MUSE:1 )
Movement: 70 feet
Size Category: Large (+1 to hit)
Armor Class: 12
Attack: Claws
Number of d20s: 1
To-Hit Modifier: 0
Damage Type: edged
Damage: 2 pts