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Cloud Giant

Cloud giants are a race of giants who preferred living among the clouds. Their often display handsome and well-defined features, standing an amazing 18 feet tall. Their skin ranged in color from milky white to light sky blue. Their hair was silvery white or brass, and their eyes were iridescent blue. They often dress in clothing made of the finest material and jewelry. Rather than wearing any form of armor, they preferred to wear or carry things enchanted with protective magic. Cloud giants are gentle people, highly creative, masters of strategy, and have great appreciation for music.
Despite having mystical fortresses and small cities in the sky, cloud giants do have a domesticated creatures living with them: gryphons and giant eagles are not uncommon. Powerful cloud giants have raised rocs. Even manticores and harpies are used by giants who have a lesser moral compass.
Notes: Spinning Moves
Body: 55 ( STR:14, AGIL:8, RESIL:15 )
Mind: 24 ( LOGIC:6, PERC:3, JUDG:7 )
Spirit: 28 ( WILL:7, FAITH:6, MUSE:6 )
Movement: 80 feet
Size Category: Giant (+3 to hit)
Armor Class: 17
Attack: Weapon
Number of d20s: 3
To-Hit Modifier: +14
Damage Type: blunt
Damage: 8 to 10 pts
Attack Special: anyRaw>=18;;{"command":"heavy"}
Special Abilities
Axiom: Detect Magic
Axiom: Float
Axiom: Fly
Axiom: Psychic Shield
Axiom: Scry
Axiom: Telekinesis
Axiom: Vapor
Divine: Anti-Venom
Divine: Fog of War
Divine: Free Curse
Divine: Hallow
Divine: Perceive Insanity
Divine: Tongues
Divine: Torch
Divine: Treat Minor Body Damage
Divine: Turn Undead