Enchanted Realms Rulebook

 Character Creation
 Understanding Skills
     Skills Training
     Stat Training
 Skills Applied: Combat
 Mechanics of Combat
 Unskilled Fighting
 Fighting At Distance
 Combat Skills
     Trained Fighting
     Standard Combat
     Avoidance Skills
     Style Combat
     White Sorcery
     Violet Sorcery
     Blue Sorcery
     Green Sorcery
     Yellow Sorcery
     Orange Sorcery
     Red Sorcery
     Black Sorcery
     Normal Vision
     Spirit Sight
 Divine Abilities
     Doctrinal Skills
     Gods of the New Moons
 Other Rules
     Character Development
     Feat of Strength
     Poison and Disease
     Slitting Throats
     Stat Difficulty Check
     Work Projects
Divine Abilities

The primary skill needed for the priesthood is theology. This is doctrinal knowledge about the universe, the planes of existence, morality, spirits and godly power. In addition to the general understanding of the workings of the realms, a priest can be granted abilities by his or her deity.

After acquiring theology and when being accepted into the church, the member gains “Priest Points” equal to the character’s spirit stat. Any ability granted by the deity can be enacted at any time, so long as the theology skill is high enough and the priest has enough points to activate the effect. Each ability has a difficulty score. Unlike sorcery, the ability cannot be used until the base skill, theology, has reached that value. However, when obtaining that bestowed gift, it can be instantly enacted at any time. The rule of one action per combat round is still applied.

Additionally, each divine ability has a cost. Those with a difficulty of 10 will cost 2 points; those with a difficulty of 30 cost 8 points. Other values are spread throughout the theology skill range. When using a power, the cost is subtracted from the character’s “Priest Points.” Recovery of these points are at a rate of 1 point every two hours.

Doctrinal Skills