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These creatures are the animated dead, once living who perished yet somehow have returned to a life-like state. Most are unintelligent and an instinctual hatred for the living, but some feratu maintain or have their mental faculties supplanted by the forces of death and eerie soul energy.
Feratu are not subject to breathing or sleeping. They are immune to charms or possession. However, they can be turned. And it the case of mindless ones, feratu can have their control stolen by necromancy.
Additionally, there are other feratu not listed, special ones, such as liches, revenants, death knights, ghosts and so on. For these, and possibly even grand-vampires, one to two special abilities from the table below should be granted to twist up the norms.
Arcane DevourerTouch drains a random casting potential from a sorcerer for 2d6 hours
Breath of DecayTwice per day the feratu breathe bone shards in a 15-foot cone (6 hexes) for 2d100 at 2d4 damage.
Dark BlasphemyPriest within 20 feet of the feratu have corrupt a divine incantation with negative energy. This means that when a priestly ability is used, a Spirit Difficulty check is required or the spell fails and the priest suffers 2d4 damage from Spirit. Passive abilities are negated while within range of the feratu but no damage is inflicted.
Dark ReligionActs as Theology score of 20 and granted abilities from an evil deity
DarknessTwice per day – as Divine Ability
Death ExchangeWhen slaying a creature, any damage from that creature is instantly restored
DisplaceAs Axiom
FaithlessThe creature can only suffer 1 point from turning damage per incident.
HollowWhen struck down, the feratu splits upon releasing poisonous gas in a 10-foot radius.
Intangible PassThe feratu can easily walk through walls
Limited FlightSeems to walk through the air, unaffected by terrain.
Link To SoulOnce the feratu makes contact with someone, it can track the victim without fail. Only one target.
Massive ClawsGain an extra d100 to natural fighting attacks
Minion SummoningOnce per day, summon a skeleton to fight.
Paralyzing StrikeLike the powers of a ghoul slows the victim by 3 hexes
Putrefying AuraAll food and drink within 20 feet become rotten and diseased
ReanimateCreate one to two skeletons or zombies, once per week
RegenerationRestores d4 Body points at the end of every round, unless destroyed.
See InvisibleConstant sense
SorceryOne to three axioms of a color with two augmentations
Soul EaterThose slain by the feratu cannot be raised from the dead. 1 Body point gained for every 100 killed.
Turn LivingLike Turn Feratu only the animated dead casts it upon living creatures.
Unholy DamageWounding from the feratu cannot be treated or heal naturally. Potions or divine magic are required.
Unnatural Combat+1 per die on each attack
VampirismConstant effect as Black Axiom
Wilting PowerTouch causes plants to wither and rot. Attack as 2d100 for d3 damage to plant creatures