Enchanted Realms Rulebook

Adventuring Skills

Skills for the non-urban settler.

Certain skills are very helpful to the adventurer, which are typically not taken for other reasons. Below is a list of skills that can be obtained in exchange of karma. Any skill listed with the symbol means that it can be obtained by training alone.

The chart is ordered by skill cost, while the descriptions are ordered alphabetically.

SkillCost SkillCost
Acrobatics100 Rock Climbing200
Alertness100 Sea-Horse200
Astrology100 Sleight of Hand200
Bartering 100 Song of Rest200
Cartography 100 Song of Lamentation200
Dash100 Stealth200
Discipline100 Tracker200
Fire-Building 100 Wilderness Survival200
Language 100 Danger Sense250
Lip-Reading100 Diplomacy250
Mental Fortitude100 Endurance250
Mountsmanship 100 Kismet250
Stamina100 Poison Resistance250
Swimming 100 Strider250
Tap and Touch100 Aerial Reins300
Under-Navigation100 Encouraging Verse300
Wilderness Lore100 Flow300
Wound Care100 Heart of Stone300
Animal Companionship200 Kindred Animal300
Backstab200 Leadership300
Brachiation200 Voice Imitation300
Center Focus200 Accompaniment350
Charioteering200 Combat Analysis350
Climbing200 Fire Proof350
Combat Studies200 Furtive Motion350
Communication200 Inner Fire350
Contortion200 Weight Shifting350
Disease Resistance200 Anthem of Excitement400
Field Medicine200 Beast Bond400
Fish200 Keen Alertness400
Foul-Play200 Mystic Harmony400
Influence200 Opus of Normalcy400
Interrogation200 Silver Tongue400
Inspiration200 Tell-Tale400
Lock-Picking200 Dark Mind450
Marathon200 Era of Stone500
AccompanimentMusicianPerception 4+
This musical skill allows any musical skill that bestows a preternatural effect, such as inspiration, played by a lesser-talented performer to rise one-step of talent above normal up to the equivalent of the one with the accompaniment skill when the two play the same song (skill) together within 90 feet of one another. For example, if a musician with accompaniment played inspiration together with a minstrel, then each would act as a musician for bonuses granted. If performed by a maestro the minstrel would still only act as a musician. However, if two maestros played together, there would be no increased value from this skill.
Karma Attainment: 2 Days of rehearsal with a skilled musical instrument
AcrobaticsNo Skill RequirementBody 12+
Grants a +2 on any feat save involving Strength or Agility. Also, when using a reaction to stand, the cost is only 10 feet of movement.
Karma Attainment: Long Rest within 60 feet of swing or trapeze
Aerial ReinsMountsmanship or Sea-HorseMuse 4+
This allows riding a trained flying mount, such as a giant eagle or a gryphon. Functionally, this is the same skill as mountsmanship other than the prerequisite and riding one without this skill is not possible. This skill is also animal-specific.
Karma Attainment: 1 Week working with an animal of appropriate type
AlertnessNo Skill RequirementPerception 3+
With this skill, one gains +2 to Perception checks in a particular environment: plains/grasslands, forest, hills/crags, mountains, swamp, desert or urban. Further, when in said environment, a +1 to initiative is gained. This skill can be acquired again for a different environment.
Karma Attainment: Long Rest in the specific environment
Animal CompanionshipWilderness LoreMuse 3+
This skill allows a person to sense the presence of animals within 60 feet and discern their temperament. If an animal is hiding or otherwise acting in a way that would require a perception check, then someone with this skill would gain +5 on that roll. If the animal is not frightened, threatened or hostile in any way, then an empathetic connection can be created with the animal, provided the animal’s Spirit score is [to be determined] (even 0 where applicable). The animal is allowed a Will save against a DC of 13 + the skill owner’s Will bonus. If the animal fails, then it is considered charmed for up to the next 10 minutes. In this time period, a simple favor can be requested, such as “show me which way the man in black went” or “bring me the coin from that ledge.“
Karma Attainment: 1 Day spent with animals in a natural setting
Anthem of ExcitementInspirationFaith 3+
When the minstrel performs this as an action, its effects continue until the end of his or her next turn. The effect is selecting a single ally target other than the minstrel to gain an additional d20 attack die for melee combat. This die is not subject to the 5d20 maximum rule. Should the songster be a musician, then two allies can be affected. If he or she be a maestro, then three targets can be enhanced.
Karma Attainment: 3 Days in silence while in possession of a playable instrument
AstrologyNo Skill RequirementPerception 3+
Navigation by the stars. When lost, under clear skies, navigate back on path successful Perception check against a DC:8. Also, minor foretelling can be discerned from the stars in the sense that a general future action bodes well or not. This is a four-hour reading at night. The GM will make a secret Perception feat against a DC:13, then reveals the reading information accordingly.
Karma Attainment: 3 Nights of Stargazing from an observatory or scolarly site with sky charts
BackstabStealthAgility 4+
This skill trains the attacker in ways to do more harm to an unsuspecting victim when performing a sneak attack. Before this can be employed, it must be established that a sneak attack can occur. However, a backstab attack cannot be performed at range, only as a melee attack. However, but unlike an untrained sneak attack, a backstab can be employed with any non-heavy weapon. This gains the additional 2d20 on the attack just like a sneak attack. Of course, the first of those dice is for being at advantage and therefore cannot be counted twice if the target is incapacitated or other was already allowed to be attacked at advantage. Because this must be performed as a melee attack, the victim is permitted an additional Perception check at the moment of attack. When employing the backstab skill, all the dice are used even if the victim makes his or her Perception save. The difference is if the victim fails the Perception, then that last d20 for “striking a vulnerable and unaware victim,” assuming that last die successfully hits, acts as a crit, just as a “natural 20” would. If the victim becomes aware at the last moment, then that extra die can only inflict a single point of damage. Of course, if that die misses, then whether it is a crit or not is moot. Therefore, that “backstab” die should be rolled separately. If counted as a crit and hitting, then the attacker gains yet another bonus d20 gets rolled. That extra d20 crit roll strikes for d3 points of damage if that new roll hits to target AC. Moreover, this “backstab crit” is separate from any “natural 20” rolls. Thus, two different crit-attack threads could exist, each having their own exploding opportunities. Lastly, it is important to understand that while the longsword could be used, the versatile property allowing it a heavy attack could not be used in conjunction for this attack.
Karma Attainment: 3 Days honing the act of concealing oneself and attack from shadows
Bartering No Skill RequirementJudgment 3+
Allows a Muse feat against a DC:10 to reduce prices or raise trade-in price by 10% by spending time at the local market and checking with several vendors. If used against a single merchant, then treat as a competition with anyone having this skill gaining a +3 on the d12 roll. This can be trained as a vocational skill.
Karma Attainment: Long Rest in a marketplace
Beast BondKindred AnimalMuse 5+
This skill more powerful form of the kindred animal skill. With this, any true animal including primeval creatures, can be connected by this bond. Even mutant class monsters may be bonded, with the limitation that its Mind score and Spirit score combined do not exceed 5. However, in no circumstance could a bonded beast exceed 30 Body points. Through this bond, the handler can give commands to the bonded beast telepathically provided the beast is within 200 feet and in line of sight. Any actions made by the creature occur on the handler’s turn. The beast master can only create a telepathic link between himself and one creature at a time. This bond can only be broken by death; however, as with kindred animal both are susceptible to charm. If a bonded beast is charmed, it will gain +4 to its save. However, the master will gain no bonus against mind-effecting magic.
Karma Attainment: Long Rest with and near an undomesticated and unfamiliar animal
Brachiation ClimbingBody 12+
This skill enhances one's climbing ability to effectively move through trees and branches. This could be, but not necessarily, swinging from branches leaping with one's arms. Alternately, this could be leaping and running from branch to branch on foot -- or a combination of any of those methods of locomotion. The base movement for this skill is 40 feet, which is not subject to dash but could be increased magically. For a full appreciation of this skill, watch the movie House of Flying Daggers.
Karma Attainment: 1 Day actively climbing trees
Cartography No Skill RequirementLogic 3+
Cartography is the skill of reading and making maps. As there are no standards set for map symbols and scale, this skill is required for using maps. Reading one’s own map or one made by familiar sources can be performed without a roll; however, reading maps from unknown sources can only be interpreted correctly on a Logic feat against a DC:9. This can be trained as a vocational skill but requires a Logic save-feat (DC:4) at the end of the training to acquire.
Karma Attainment: 6d6 Hours studying various maps
Center FocusNo Skill RequirementWill 3+
With this skill a character becomes less affected by the environment. He or she requires only half the normal amount of food to survive, and can act as if temperatures are 20°F for the better.
Karma Attainment: 1 Week of Meditation
CharioteeringNo Skill RequirementBody 12+
Driving a single-person chariot pulled by one creature can be performed without a skill, but there are several restrictions that this skill lifts. With this skill, one can drive larger chariots, using the creatures pulling the chariot at their best speed, as opposed to a 15-feet penalty without. Chariots can only travel on roads, grasslands, light forests, plains and dry tundra that have no inclines greater than 20°, and terrain penalties always apply; however, with this skill, and using 50-bits worth of equipment, which must be replaced after a week of travel, even desert and snow-covered tundra can be traversed with a 50% penalty rather than the typical 60% adjustment. Moreover, one can fight effectively from the chariot. Without this skill places the fighter at disadvantage, whether driving or merely riding. However, the driver is limited to the primary-hand die pool. Shields and two-handed weapons cannot be properly employed when driving, as as the off-hand is required to manage the chariot, but riders of the chariot can use such equipment. Lastly, riders do no gain their own initiatives when using melee combat but rather attack after the driver’s action; however, if using range or taking a non-combat action, then an individual initiative would be used.
Karma Attainment: 1 Day honing skill
Climbing No Skill RequirementBody 10+
Anyone can climb a tree or scale a five-foot wall or climb a secured rope next to a surface up to 20 feet tall; however, this skill is required to navigate a slope greater than 60° and more than 10 feet without the need for special climbing gear. Climbing is performed in 20-foot increments per round. An Agility skill check against a DC:11 as a base is used to determine success. If successful, the distance is crossed; otherwise, no movement can occur. Other modifiers may apply as well.
Rope Braced To Wall+8 Rough Surface, Rock, Mortar+0
Rope Freely Hanging+6 Raining-2
Movement while bracing between 2 surfaces+4 Smooth Surface With Handholds-2
Tiger Claws Used+3 Ice Covered-5
Surface covered by vegetation or vines+2 Overhang, Traversable Ceiling-6
Anyone climbing with the skill is at disadvantage and only gains half the bonuses listed above but any penalties are counted in full.
Karma Attainment: 3 Days running through obstacle courses
Combat AnalysisCombat StudiesJudgment 5+
This is an enhancement of combat studies which allows the unique ability to potentially identify individuals by the idiosyncrasies of the fighting style used. With a single round of observation as an action, the analyzer can identify an individual at a distance of up to 150 feet by its stances, motion and strikes. This can be performed even if the entity is not known to the person studying, but that individual could be identified again later on another battlefield. This can be performed even if the fighter is masked, in disguise or under the effects of transmogrify; however, this cannot be used on a shape-shifted or polymorphed being. This ability to identify is also not automatic. It requires the analyzer to make a Perception feat check against a base of DC:10 minus the number of d20s used while studying the subject during the required action.
Karma Attainment: 3 Days at a military academy studying others
Combat StudiesOne of Bludgeoning, Cleaving, Pole-arms or Slashing StylesJudgment 3+
This skill allows one to study the techniques of an opponent. After two rounds of melee combat against the same opponent, the person will this skill can grant himself or herself at advantage for the third round of melee conflict. This cycle can be repeated against the same or different opponents so long as consistently attacking the same opponent.
Karma Attainment: 1 Day at a military academy observing fighters
CommunicationNo Skill RequirementJudgment 3+
Normally, a character can only share information on his or her turn. With this skill allows one to have enhanced communication during combat by being able to use a reaction at any time to communicate a short message as deemed appropriate. The character can still use normal speaking or gesturing on his or her turn as well.
Karma Attainment: 1 Day actively working with carrier pigeons, mirrors, smoke signals or other communication methods
ContortionNo Skill RequirementWill 3+
This allows a person to fit into and move through a smaller space than normally would be allowed. Further, there is a chance to remove oneself from being tied or shackled, similar to the knots skill. Escape can be attempted each five minutes with success if rolling an Agility feat (DC:15) for rope and (DC:21) for shackles. If someone also has knots as a skill in addition, then escaping rope-binding is (DC:13) and can be attempted once per two minutes.
Karma Attainment: No activity required, but must sleep in a square box half the characters height for 5 consecutive nights
Danger SenseAlertnessMind 12+
Through this skill, a character is granted advantage on Strength or Agility feat saves (checks) against physical or mechanical effects, such as traps. Advantage can only be granted if the character has normal sight and hearing in the circumstance.
Karma Attainment: Long Rest inside a shallow pit
Dark MindHeart of StoneWill 6+
A character with this training may be undetectable to scrying and divination inquiries, as well as many magical detections, including the reading of thoughts or detection of his or her lifesong. This protection is in constant effect and completely passive, including when the being is sleeping or unconscious. Against any effect which attacks the mind and allows a save, the dark mind skill grants a +5 bonus to those saves. Any form of thought-reading, mental communication, detection or other divinations which do not typically allow a save used upon the effected target, a special Judgment save against DC:9 is permitted. If successful, the target is fully protected from mental intrusion, including even knowing its existence is confirmed. GMs should not reply, “You can’t read him” but rather merely answer from the perspective. In other words, if attempting to detect magic on the person with dark mind who makes a successful special save, the GM would reply, “There is nothing magic on him.”
Karma Attainment: 1 Week, 24 hours per day, wearing a bronze helmet and mask that prevents vision
DashNo Skill RequirementAgility 4+
With this skill, a character can double his or her movement in combat a combat round. This can be performed for as many rounds that a character has points of Agility. The rounds performed do not have to be consecutive. After using that many rounds of dashing, a short rest is required.
Karma Attainment: Long Rest after rubbing legs with 10 bits worth of herbs
Delay the ReadyNo Skill RequirementMuse 3+
By having this skill, one can “hold the action” for 2 points of initiative. This will not be announced until the initial the character's turn comes up, then it will be delayed appropriately. In other words, if the character has a 7 for initiative that round, then he or she may chose to delay the action until the last of all those with a 5 have taken their turns; however, during any time between, the character may interrupt to take his or her turn. If the delay drops below 1, then the action can be held until the last action of the round. If two people both delay until the “last of” an initiative number, they will execute in the order of the original initiative as a tie-breaker.
Karma Attainment: Long Rest after eating a humming bird
Delay the TimingDelay the ReadyMuse 5+
This skill is virtually identical to its predecessor, except one can “hold the action” for 5 points of initiative.
Karma Attainment: Long Rest covered in the blood of a gray fox
DiplomacyInfluenceSpirit 15+
This skill permits a character to speak without interruption from others for thirty seconds, unless someone else in the crowd also has the same skill. Also, as an enhancement of charisma and social engineering, the skill allows a person to influence others, making the DC used by the victim to increase by 4 points, rather than just 2 from the influence skill. Further, if using in combat as a complete action, which disallows other actions or reactions until the remainder of the round, then sentient, language-speaking combatants can be convinced to make a momentary truce for one round. This is performed at the end of the round by each hearing opponent, who understands the language and has free will, to roll a Judgment preservation save (DC:9). If a majority of the opponents fail and take pause, then the following round the diplomat can clearly explain or articulate why the fight should not continue. This may or may not be effective based on the conditions and responses barked by the enemy leader. Moreover, this truce cannot be used more than once in a single combat.
Karma Attainment: 2 Days of Silence with tongue painted in red mercury (25 bits)
DisciplineNo Skill RequirementWill 3+
Grants +1 on all saves (preservation, feat or competition) on all dice when any Spirit sub-attribute is involved.
Karma Attainment: 1 Day spent balancing a bucket of water on one's head
Disease ResistanceCenter FocusResilience 4+
This conveys a +4 to any saves involving disease. If infected and damage occurs as a result, then that damage is halved per incident, just as any other form of damage resistance. It also halves the duration of the infection if becoming sick.
Karma Attainment: No activity time lost, but must eat moldy bread for a week
Encouraging VerseMinstrelPerception 3+
This grants the ability to use musical notes to disrupt mind-influencing effects. As an action, the minstrel begins a performance that lasts until the end of his or her next turn. Upon the next turn, the action may be to continue the performance. During that time, the player and any friendly creatures within 30 feet gain advantage on saves against being frightened, charmed and even phantasms. A creature must be able to hear gain this benefit. The performance ends early if player becomes incapacitated or silenced. Further, the songster could voluntarily end it (no action required). The skill of the music maker impacts the effect of the performance. Should a musician perform this action, then in addition to advantage, +1 on the save is gained. Should it be a maestro, then +2 is gained. Further, it should be noted that only one song type can be performed at one time.
Karma Attainment: 1 Day practicing musical instrument
EnduranceStaminaResilience 4+
Anytime a degree of exhaustion might be suffered, this skill will allow a chance to avoid it. If the character succeeds a Resilience save feat against DC:18, then the exhaustion does not set in. If the condition places the victim in disadvantage, then the roll still must be rolled at disadvantage. This will not avoid negative-temporary point loss from things like starvation or life-draining, nor will in allow a person to hold one's breath longer. However, any exhaustion penalties from asphyxiation or starvation might be avoided.
Karma Attainment: Long Rest, sleeping on a bed of nails
Era of StoneHeart of StoneResilience 6+
This slows the natural aging process. For each two chronological years that pass, only 1 year of aging occurs.
Karma Attainment: Starting only on a full moon (either moon), spend 1 Week in meditation surrounded by incense and candles (20 bits)
Field MedicineWound CareJudgment 4+
This is an advancement of wound care and for all practical purposes should be considered the same effect; however, when restoring Body points, no roll is required. Additionally, it is possible to restore a total of two points to a recipient. Of course, three actions are required to achieve this maximum effect, unless having a wound or medical kit; with one, both Body points can be restored on the second action. As with its lesser form, it will not remove any exhaustion from being rendered unconscious. Recipients of this skill are act the same as if having been treated by wound care and cannot gain the benefit of one and then the other without a long rest occurring between them. To clarify, only one method field medicine or wound care can be applied, but not both. Further, new injuries must have occurred before a new treatment can be administered.
Karma Attainment: 1 Day of study at a hospital or library
Fire-Building No Skill RequirementWill 3+
Building a fire requires tools, like flint and steel; however, with this skill and five-minutes of effort, a fire can be started without tools on a successful Agility feat against a DC:8. Obviously, fires could not be started in impossible environments, such as underwater. This can be trained as a vocational skill in 30 days, but still requires a Muse save-feat (DC:4) at the end of the training to acquire.
Karma Attainment: Long Rest in possession of flint
Fire ProofCenter FocusWill 5+
Through mind-over-matter techniques, one gains a resistance to fire damage.
Karma Attainment: No activity time lost but must each phosphorous for 3 Days
FishCenter FocusBody 12+
The ability to hold one’s breath is tripled in duration. See the Asphyxiation subsection and Recovery.
Karma Attainment: 1 Day submerging head underwater several times during the day
FlowSwimmingBody 15+
This is an enhancement skill for the prerequisite of swimming, which increases the movement rate to 25 feet. The duration one can swim is equal to five minutes per current Body life points. This is 750 feet per Body point for swimmable distance; e.g. 11,250 feet for current score of 15. Should a character choose only to tread water, this can be performed for 1 hour per Body point. After either, a short rest is required before swimming or treading again. Armors reduce movement as they would otherwise.
Karma Attainment: Long Rest with a bonefish which must be eaten afterwards
Foul-PlayNo Skill RequirementWill 3+
This is the art of unethical behavior. With this skill one can handle and deliver poisons. Without the skill, one risks self-infliction if failing a Resilience feat against a DC:6 per each handling. This does not convey any skills to extract poison from dead creatures without also having a skinning skill. Moreover, to milk poison from a live creature, an animal breeding skill would also be required. Additionally, a person with this skill is well versed in combat exploitation and fighting dirty. This is throwing dust in the eyes, lulling an opponent into an unfriendly position, or other dirty tricks. This functionally causes a single opponent to be at disadvantage in a melee scenario on his or her next turn. The opponent is aware of the disadvantage and may choose not to perform a melee action. Invoking the disadvantage comes at a cost of 10 points of karma. If the foul-player does not have the karma, it cannot be used. Conversely, if 20 points are available, disadvantage could be thrown against the opponent for 10 points and advantage given to oneself could be gained for another 10 points.
Karma Attainment: Long Rest
Furtive MotionStealthAgility 5+
This skill allows any action taken by stealth to gain special rules concerning the roll. This formula remains 4d6 + Agility score; however, any “raw 1s” rolled will count as the value of 2, making the lowest possible DC for one's stealth maneuver a 13.
Karma Attainment: 3 Days of practice walking on crunchy surfaces like acorn shells, metal shards, or broken glass
Heart of StoneCenter FocusSpirit 18+
This conveys a +4 to any saves involving fear or charm; it also renders one immune to sleep magic or psionics. Even if charmed or frightened, any damage associated directly with the affect, such as weapon of doubt, then that damage is halved per incident, just as any other form of damage resistance.
Karma Attainment: 1 Day carving a wooden graven image then sacrificing it in a fire
Inner FireCenter FocusMuse 5+
Through mind-over-matter techniques, one gains a resistance to cold damage.
Karma Attainment: 1 Day spent meditating naked in temperature below freezing
InfluenceNo Skill RequirementSpirit 12+
With this skill, gains +2 on any rolls to resist charms and phantasm illusions. Conversely, this skill allows one to deceive, seduce, manipulate people for whatever reason or cause. When attempting to influence others the DC used to resist such social charming is increased by 2 points. One of the biggest difference between influence and intimidation is the victim of this skill may never realize he or she has been used. Moreover, influence can be used in a broader set of conditions than just retrieving information. One can convince a guard to let them into an area with a convincing story or even trick someone into walking into an ambush. See Social Interactions.
Karma Attainment: Long Rest immediately after eating a harpy tongue
InspirationMinstrelStrength 3+
After training in minstrel, a person with this skill can play that instrument in an inspirational way so that two allies, at the player’s choosing and must be other than oneself, gain +1 to hit dice rolled in combat attacks so long as the songster continues to play. This effect cannot combine with any other bonus which gives bonuses to attack, meaning to highest value of multiple effects is used. However, if the music player is a musician with the instrument, then those two allies gain a +2 bonus instead. Finally, if the one performing the inspiration is a maestro, then the bonus is +3.
Karma Attainment: 1 Day of activity, practicing with musical instrument
InterrogationNo Skill RequirementJudgment 3+
With this skill, gains +4 on any rolls to resist extracting information, even magically-performed. Additionally, when attempting to threaten or interrogate another the DC used for the victim to resist is increased 4 points. See Social Interactions.
Karma Attainment: Long Rest after consuming Satyr Horn Dust
Keen AlertnessAlertnessPerception 5+
If having the alertness skill for an environment, this skill can enhance it for that environment to gain +3 to Perception checks for such locations. Further, one gains +2 to combat initiative in said terrain.
Karma Attainment: 1 Day meditating in specific environment
Kindred AnimalAnimal Companionship and Wilderness SurvivalMuse 4+
This skill is an empathic affinity with any true animal, permitted its Mind score and Spirit score combined do no exceed 10. However, in no circumstance could the animal exceed more Body points than the naturalist has Spirit points to a maximum of 24 points. Through this bond, the handler can give commands to the animal telepathically provided it is within 120 feet and in line of sight. Any actions made by the creature occur on the handler’s turn. This rapport can only exist with one creature at a time and is spiritual pact lasting one year. It may continue longer each year if both parties are willing. It is important to note that animals are still subject to charm effects which can override the will of the owner. If the owner is charmed, the animal will act under the same restriction as its master.
Karma Attainment: Bonding with the animal requires a 2-hour blood ceremony with the kindred beast, repeated if obtaining a new animal
Kismet GamblingJudgment 4+
This skill is a training in risk management to the extent that determination can alter the outcome. The benefit of this is additional option for spending karma. In addition to the 10-point karma rule to gain advantage, this skill allows the option to spend 10 points of unused karma to reroll one die, whether that is a save, an attack or even a dodge skill roll. Once using this karma-buy, it cannot be performed again until finishing a short or long rest.
Karma Attainment: Long Rest at a location deemed to be lucky by local lore
Language Logic pt / knownSpecial
This slot can be used to learn a new language, both written and spoken as applicable. However, the maximum number of languages a character can know is equal to his or her sub-attribute Logic score. This can be trained as a vocational skill, but requires a Logic save-feat (DC:4) at the end of the training to acquire. Thus, learning with a book, teacher or other speaker actively helping would allow one to learn the new language in 100 days. Otherwise, it would require 200 days of immersion to be considered fully fluent and literate. However, by using karma, a new language can be learned incredibly fast -- in only 14 days. Some priests’ deities allow even faster learning.
Karma Attainment: 14 Days
LeadershipInfluenceSpirit 15+
In addition to the benefits of charisma gained from the influence skill, this allows a character to have an inspiring presence. As an action, the number of people equal to one's Muse bonus can gain the benefit of temporary Body points for a short period of time. The duration is equal to one minute (6 combat rounds) per point of Muse bonus, as is the increase of temporary Body points. Thus, with a Muse score of five, one person can gain one point for one minute, but at a score of six, two people can can two points each for two minutes. Once invoking this skill, it cannot be performed again until completing a long rest.
Karma Attainment: 2 Days of ritualistic painting symbols on self
Lip-ReadingNo Skill RequirementPerception 3+
This is determining what is being said without being able to hear. Clear line of sight is required. Perception check against a DC 11.
Karma Attainment: 1 Week of actively practicing skill
Lock-PickingNo Skill RequirementAgility 3+
Locks cannot be opened with a key, breaking or some magical effect. This skill allows a character with simple tools to mimic having the key. A standard lock has 5 Body points if choosing to break it. Of course, the container or door being secured might be easier broken than the lock. A standard lock also has a DC of 9 if attempting to open it with picks. Agility modifiers are added to the feat roll. However, if genuine picks are not available, this person can create make-shift picks; however, that will throw a -4 penalty on the roll. Each attempt will require a base of 60 seconds. If the feat roll failed, then 60 seconds was spent. Another attempt may begin immediately. On success for each point above the required DC, 3 seconds are removed. Therefore, if the DC is 9 and the adjusted roll score is 16, then a 21-second duration is subtracted and the lock is opened in only 39 seconds. The quickest a lock can be undone is 3 seconds, regardless of the math.
Karma Attainment: 3 Days actively practicing with pick tools
MarathonNo Skill RequirementResilience 3+
While this skill will not alter the base movement rate for combat, it will change the calculation for total miles traveled in a day. The new daily rate becomes the numerical value of adjusted movement value in feet ÷ 2.25 in miles, rounded down, for normal pace; and feel ÷ 1.75, rounded down, for fast pace. Note that a slow pace is not adjusted. See Travel.
MovementElf DayNormal Day
40 feetFast24 miles22 miles
Normal18 miles17 miles
50 feetFast31 miles28 miles
Normal24 miles22 miles
Karma Attainment: Long Rest sleeping on ostrich feathers or wolf fur
Mental FortitudeNo Skill RequirementLogic 3+
Grants +1 on all saves (preservation, feat or competition) on all dice when any Mind sub-attribute is involved.
Karma Attainment: Long Rest after a day of eating nothing but kale
Mountsmanship No Skill RequirementBody 10+
Riding a trained mount in a general direction can be performed without a skill. However, to command one well requires mountsmanship. With this skill, one can ride at a gallop and travel the extended daily distance at a fast clip. Otherwise, only normal or slow clips are possible. Conversely, without the skill, the movement rate of a mount is 15 feet slower, unless specified differently in the description of the mount. Further, one can fight effectively from atop his or her mount, gaining the movement of the steed; doing so without this skill places the fighter at disadvantage. However, this is limited to the primary-hand. Shields and two-handed weapons cannot be properly employed with only this skill, as as the off-hand is required to manage the reins. Lastly, riders of creatures that can scale greater than 45° must have this skill to ascend such an angle. Finally, this skill is specific to an animal. If one has mountsmanship for a horse that does not imply mountsmanship of a lizard steed. This can be trained as a vocational skill.
Karma Attainment: 2 Days working with the specific mount type
Mystic Harmony AccompanimentPerception 5+
With this musical skill, two three or four musicians who all know the same preternatural musical skills can combine their efforts for a greater effect. At least half or more of the musicians must also have this skill when combining, meaning one of two musicians must have mystic harmony and at least two when playing as a group of three or four. The songs that can be effected are as follows:
  Anthem of Excitement: The total number of targets is increased by one per instrument player.
  Encouraging Verse: The range of effect doubles (60 feet) for all songsters for determining the area of effect.
  Inspiration: Each performer can affect three allies instead of two.
  Opus of Normalcy: The DC for each player's effect increases by +1 per additional songster joining.
  Song of Rest: The area of effect doubles for all the players of instruments.
  Sound of Lamentation: Each performer can affect three targets instead of two.
Karma Attainment: 1 Week of practicing with instrument
Opus of Normalcy Inspiration or Encouraging VerseWill 5+
With this skill, one can play an instrument to create an area where magic, either divine or sorcery, becomes difficult to manifest or maintain. In a 15-foot radius from the player, magical threads are disrupted. This is non-targeted and affects friendly and non-friendly affects alike. For existing effects, it does not dispel them, but suspends their manifesting while the instrument is continuously played. This will not alter things that have bonuses due to higher quality materials, such as swords or armor made from steel, orichulcrum, or mythril. However, for each round of music, on the player's turn, existing spell effects must must make a feat roll against a DC on a d20 plus the Logic score or Faith score of the caster based on the type of magic it is. If the caster or creator is unknown, use the minimum value required to create such an effect. If a minstrel is playing, the DC is 14; if a musician, then then DC is 18; and if by a maestro, the DC is 22. If attempting to create a new effect, such as casting a spell, activating an item or even applying a potion, then a similar roll is required; however, the DC value is different with a minstrel being DC:15, a musician DC:20, and a maestro DC:25. Finally, the GM may rule that certain legendary items cannot be disrupted this way.
Karma Attainment: 1 Week of practicing with favored musical instrument
Poison ResistanceCenter FocusBody 18+
This conveys a +4 to any preservation saves involving poison. If infected and damage occurs as a result, then that damage is halved per incident, just as any other form of damage resistance. If also halves the time of a poison restriction.
Karma Attainment: No activity lost, but must consume ingestible poison once per day for a week. The normal effects of poison occur until the skill is gained at the end of the week.
QuicknessNo Skill RequirementAgilty 3+
A person trained in quickness is able to reduce the penalty of action delays by 2 on initiative, being armor penalty, or searching for an item not easily available. If the delay penalty is only 1, then the adjustment only becomes 0 rather than gaining a bonus. For all other combat circumstances when penalties do not apply, this grants a +1 bonus to the initiative roll. Lastly, movement penalties for picking up an item, unsheathing a weapon, and the like have the penalty reduced by 10 feet. Movement that is based on percentage, such as standing from prone, are reduced by 25%.
Karma Attainment: 1 Day shuffling cards
Rock ClimbingClimbingBody 13+
This is an enhancement to the climbing skill, allowing the person to use the following modifiers for the conditions rather than the base skill. All other conditions still combine.
Movement while bracing between 2 surfaces+8   
Rough Surface, Rock, Mortar+4   
Smooth Surface With Handholds+0   
Overhang, Traversable Ceiling-3   
Karma Attainment: 2 Days honing skill in a rocky terrain or similar training environment
Sea-HorseSwimmingBody 12+
This allows riding a trained sea-mount, such as a giant sea-horse, sharks or manta rays. Functionally, this is the same skill as mountsmanship other than the prerequisite and riding one without this skill is not possible. This skill is also animal-specific.
Karma Attainment: 1 Week working with specific mount type
Silver TongueTell-TaleMuse 5+
With this ability, a character can speak bold-faced lies without being detected by magical divinations. Unless an item or spell specifically states it can overcome this skill, then methods of detection will not distinguish it from the truth. However, it does not guarantee aid for social interactions in any way, and a person could choose to believe something said was a lie, especially if it was illogical or unlikely.
Karma Attainment: Long Rest after drinking the blood of a dolos
Sleight of HandNo Skill RequirementAgility 3+
This skill is used anytime manual trickery or act of legerdemain is attempted, such planting something on another person, picking a pocket or creating the non-magical illusion of a small object disappearing. This requires an Agility feat with the base DC for an act is 10; however, the GM will likely modify for the conditions, such as how many people are present (if that is germane to the action) or the size and weight of the object being planted.
Karma Attainment: 2 Days spent juggling
Song of RestMinstrelFaith 3+
By performing with a musical instrument, this creates soothing music which offers all the same benefits as (and acts as) a short rest for the minstrel and all friendly creatures within 60 feet. However, the duration of the song only requires thirty minutes. If the songster is a musician, then the performance to gain the benefit only requires fifteen minutes. Finally, if the one playing is a maestro, then the duration is only ten minutes.
Karma Attainment: 1 Day of musical instrument practice
Sound of LamentationMinstrelAgility 3+
After training in minstrel, a person with this skill can play that instrument in way to discourage two enemies. The targets suffer a -1 to hit dice rolled in combat attacks so long as the performer continues to play. This effect cannot be combined with any other penalty-effects or skills that alter the target's attack, meaning the most detrimental value of multiple effects would be used. However, if the music player is a musician with the instrument, then those two allies gain a -2 penalty instead. Finally, if the one performing the inspiration is a maestro, then the penalty is -3.
Karma Attainment: 1 Day of playing dirges and crying so the tears fall onto the instrument
StaminaNo Skill RequirementResilience 3+
Grants +1 on all saves (preservation, feat or competition) on all dice when any Body sub-attribute is involved. This is broader than acrobatics but not complementary if both are applicable.
Karma Attainment: Long Rest while sleeping covered in dirt except one's head, as if in a shallow grave
StealthNo Skill RequirementAgility 3+
Anyone can attempt to be sneaky, move quietly and hide; however, this skill improves the odds of success. Without this skill, someone hiding, sneaking up on another attempts to do so and creates a DC based on how well it was accomplished by rolling 2d6 plus Judgment modifiers as well as anything else that could apply. Then potential victims make perception checks against that value. Those unskilled must have the GM roll in secret, as they will not know how well they have done. With this skill, the DC is rolled by 4d6 plus the raw Agility score and any other applicable adjustments. Persons with the stealth skill can know the result of the roll, allowing one to take preparations if rolling poorly. If unnoticed, the stealthy one would create an opportunity for a sneak attack against an unsuspecting victim. It is also possible that victim might be at disadvantage. See Sneak Attack in the Combat Detailed section.
Karma Attainment: 1 Day spent drawing chalk lines around one’s own shadow
StriderMarathonAgility 4+
This skill adds 5 feet to a character's base movement.
Swimming No Skill RequirementResilience 3+
Anyone can wade through water, even moving water; however, to travel through it when no surface below is available requires a swimming skill, which is measured as a movement of 20 feet. The duration one can swim is equal to double one's current Body score in minutes. This means distances of 240 feet per Body point can be traversed (1,920 feet for Body score 8). However, should a character choose only to wade water, this can be performed for 15-minutes per Body point. After either, a short rest is required before swimming again. The armor worn can also create penalties. Medium armor and heavy armor reduce movement just as they would for land movement; therefore, swimming in heavy armor without certain armor skills is impossible. This can be trained as a vocational skill in 30 days, but requires a Strength save-feat (DC:4) at the end of the training to acquire.
Karma Attainment: 1 Day of calisthenics
Tap and TouchNo RequirementLogic 3+
This is a trained skill for locating concealed compartments on a surface, be it a secret bottom of a chest or a hidden door in a wall. It grants advantage anytime this is being actively performed. Additional, this gives a base chance to locate traps without setting them off on a Perception feat (DC:12) when actively searching.
Karma Attainment: Long Rest while in possession of sandpaper
Tell-TaleVoice ImitationPerception 5+
By reading another’s subtle body language, this skill allows a character to potentially discern whether or not a lie has been spoken. It will only detect deliberate lie or known exaggeration. The examination requires an action for study if used during combat. In social interactions, this can be performed on around 20 seconds of speech, which is typically four sentences, depending on what is being spoken. If more than one statement of logical truth exist, then only one can be discerned. An example would be “I went to the blacksmith, and I requested his services. He will provide me a sword in four days.” The scrutinizer would have to choose between “went to blacksmith,” “requested services” and “provide sword in four days” to discern. The others would be lost from analysis because too much time will have passed. Further, there is no distinction between a lie and just exaggeration. When discerning, the base DC to detect is 6 and Perception modifiers will add to the feat save. If successful and what was spoken is deception, then that is known, all other conditions produce no indication. Finally, this skill cannot discern lies if the speaker has the silver tongue skill.
Karma Attainment: no activity lost, but requires 3 Days of silence
Tracker Wilderness LorePerception 3+
This skill improves odds for location signs of passage from wilderness lore by considering the character is always at advantage for performing the Perception feat. Further, checks are required to follow only every two hours.
Surface Subject
Very Soft (snow, wet mud)+8 Size Category: Tiny-2
Soft (semi-dry mud)+4 Size Category: Small-1
Firm (soil)+0 Size Category: Medium+0
Solid (bare rock)-4 Size Category: Large+1
Conditions Size Category: Huge+2
Every 8 hours since passage-1 Size Category: Giant+4
Every hour of rain since passage-1 Size Category: Colossal+6
Fog or mist present-3 Every three in the group being tracked+1
Only Moonlight visibility-3  Tracked party hides trail (half-speed)-5
Near Darkness-6 
Fresh snow cover since passage-8 
Karma Attainment: 1 Day spent in association with a bloodhound or predator animal
Voice ImitationCommunicationPerception 4+
With this skill, one can imitate the voice of another that has been heard. Whenever using this to deceive another, the victim is permitted a Logic check against a DC:17 or be fooled by the impression. Obviously, if more than voice is observable, this could change the believability of the trickery.
Karma Attainment: Long Rest, after making a small cut on one's tongue with the feather of a parrot
Weight ShiftingCenter FocusSpirit 16+
As a single action, the person can shift his or her weight to correspond to the surface, granting the ability to walk on water, quicksand, mud or even slippery oil. This means normal surfaces considered difficult can be traversed without movement penalties and those impossible ones, as listed above, act as difficult terrain for movement calculation. This cannot be performed again without a short rest.
Karma Attainment: 1 Day of Wall Balls exercise with stones
Wilderness LoreNo Skill RequirementJudgment 3+
This skill is essentially the knowledge and understanding required to survive outside of an urban environment. There are many things an adventurer can perform with this skill. If lost, one can navigate back on path provided there is sufficient light when making a successful Faith feat against a DC:10. One can also forage and live from the land for a week, provided the terrain can provide such, by a Resilience feat against a DC:9; for each 4 points above that (13, 17, 21) an additional person can be fed as well. Foraging can be determined on a daily basis if needed, Resilience DC:13, with each point over counting as an extra person. Locating signs of passage can be found on a Perception feat against a DC 12. This can be modified by the GM. Conditions for modification can be found in the tracker skill. Following those signs of passage can be performed for half an hour, at which point a new feat is required. Finally, tracking can only be performed at a slow pace. See Travel.
Karma Attainment: Long Rest in a any environment outside of urban
Wilderness SurvivalWilderness LoreMuse 3+
This skill is enhancement for one's ability to live in the wilds. This includes hunting and fishing to provide enough food for oneself and one other person indefinitely. Supply sustenance for additional persons is determined on a weekly basis starting at a DC 4 and increases by 2 points for each additional person. This also allows the creation of furs and hides to act as a padded armor (AC 11). It further allows one to store food in places and ways that will not become spoiled or ruined. A 28 day supply for a single person can be stored in a cache, meaning the checks for supply a third person only needed after that is depleted. Due to a better familiarity with nature, navigating back on path when lost even in darkness on requires a successful Faith feat against a DC:6. Locating signs of passage become easier, requiring a Perception feat against a DC:8. This can still be modified by the GM, based on conditions. Following those signs of passage are still performed at the same skill level as wilderness lore.
Karma Attainment: No lost activity time, but must eat only dandelions or the like for 3 Days
Wound CareNo Skill RequirementJudgment 3+
With this skill, on an action, this renders aid to a creature who has been wounded by Body damage. If the recipient has fallen in battle at zero or lower points, then this will immediately stabilize the being and remove the death saves; however, it will not remove any exhaustion from being rendered unconscious. Care can be continued for two more actions at the discretion of the one rendering aid. During those actions, a skill check using Judgment modifiers can be rolled against a DC:10 to restore one point of Body. With the possession of a wound or medical kit the restoration of the Body point is automatic. If not having one and the first check fails, then another action can be used to try again. However, only a single point of Body can be restored through this skill, which will help those even if in negatives. Recipients of a successful wound care cannot receive another treatment until after a long rest and new injuries occur.
Karma Attainment: 1 Day studying in library or hospital