Enchanted Realms Rulebook


Perception is not a skill, but a measure of each person’s ability to notice things that don’t belong. It does add extra dice rolls, and it might only be used on occasion rather than with every encounter. Examples would be finding a secret door or happening to notice a strange interaction in a crowd.

Perception is effectively a Toggle Difficulty feat, but typically initiated by the GM rather than the player, although it could be in some circumstances. The way to determine whether something is noticed or not is rolled on a d100 while adding the character’s Mind stat score. That total score is compared to the Difficulty of the situation. The base score for generally noticeable events is 70. If the modified roll is equal or greater, then the character is alerted to it. Rolls are made individually, so some characters may miss what is going on while others are keenly aware. Often the GM should make the rolls in secret.

This should not be used in every situation or for every combat. However, it can be used to determine how quickly a character caught off guard can react. For example, if a gryf bandit is hiding in a rocky crag and attempts to make a surprise attack for extra damage on a character, then the victim could make a perception roll to avoid being taken off guard. The score required would be at least 70, but the GM might rule a higher number is required, based on the terrain, camouflage, and skills employed by the attacker.

Another example might be when player characters are awakened by an attack at night. Unless special circumstances occur like magical silence, the sounds of an attack should wake any sleeping adventurer. However, upon waking, the character would need to roll perception to see if he or she could process what was happening quickly enough to react that first round. Otherwise, the waking character might have to wait for the next combat round to declare an action. Even if acting first round, the GM might penalize a few seconds to grab one’s sword in such a situation.