Enchanted Realms Rulebook

 The Fantasy World 


There may be times when grabbing and hold a person in place is a strategic plan. There are no skills that grant extra dice for grabbing other persons or monsters. Only one die is used unless advantage or disadvantage apply, but even then, the special attack works like a competition, comparing body die-rolls from both sides using a d12. For a modifier in the grappling competition, one can choose either Strength or Agility to add the modifier from that sub-attribute. If the grappler wins the competition, then during his or her action, the victim is held by the grappled restriction (see Combat Restrictions). Otherwise, the attacker could not maintain the hold. Further, on the victim’s turn, he, she, or it can initiate another competition to escape.

After having held the victim until the grappler’s following turn the next round, the aggressor may choose to drag the victim along with normal movement; however, one’s movement rate is halved when towing another. However, if the victim outweighs the maximum encumbrance of the grappler, then dragging is not possible. If the aggressor is two size categories larger than the grappled target, then movement is not altered.


Also, if the aggressor is two sizes larger, that grappler may opt to hurl and slam the victim for its Strength bonus in blunt damage (or appropriate damage for the terrain). In the case of slamming, the victim can be placed into any open adjacent space. Obviously, this maneuver frees the victim from the hold.

Lastly, there are a few modifiers when these wrestling maneuvers happen.

Grappler has size advantage+2 per Size Category Difference
Victim has faster movement rate+1 per 10-feet Difference
Environment is rainy, icy or slick+3 for the Victim
One or both sides are prone-5 for prone Competitor
Footwork skillCancels prone penalty
Martial arts skill+2 for either
Takedown skillAdvantage for Grappler
Throttle skillSee skill for details
Unarmed Combat skill+2 for Grappler
Whip Master skillSee skill for details

Breaking The Grip

To escape from being grappled, a creature uses its action to force another competition on a d12 with the same optional modifiers as above. The exception is if the one trying to escape is bigger, then the bonus is applied to him, her or it - instead of the grappler.

Alternately, inflicting damage upon the holding grappler may force a release. Whenever struck by body damage, the one maintaining the hold must make a Strength check against a base DC:10, which increases by one points for each point of body damage inflicted. Thus, a 3-point strike requires a DC:13 save, which failing causes the release of the grabbed.

Uncommon Conditions

When grappling, if the defender has a usable savage form strike, such as claws or a bite attack, then incidental damage may occur in an attempt to grapple a being or creature. The attacker does not gain this savage form benefit; further, it is not automatic for the defender either. However, if such a defender rolls a “raw 8” or higher on competition, then the attacker suffers 1 point of the appropriate damage, claw damage over biting if both apply. If that attack normally has poison or other special weaponry, then it will be delivered (or trigger a save) whenever a “raw 12” is rolled in addition to the point of damage.

To be perfectly clear, if the competition is the initial grapple to establish the hold, the incidental damage will not require Strength check (for breaking the hold) should the attacker win the competition; however, if the defender attempts to escape, loses the competition but delivers incidental damage, then the grappler must roll a Strength check (DC:11) or lose its clasp.

Additionally, if the attacker is large enough to perform a slam attack, then there a few caveats. If the grappler is ten feet or taller, then slamming can be thrown into any space up to two hexes away. Moreover, when an attacker is that large, it is possible to slam the victim into another target in range. This will deliver the damage to the victim regardless, but also acts as a hurling attack against the AC of the target, which if it strikes also inflicts the Strength bonus damage, which will always be blunt for the target.