Enchanted Realms Rulebook

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“Photons have mass? I didn’t even know they were Catholic.” -Woody Allen

Previously stated, part of the ideology of the game design is that there are three distinct segregations: Body, Mind and Spirit. These things are not just numbers but rather things that exist within every form of life. This includes those entities where it appears one might be missing. For example, an undead skeleton is basically mindless when we read the description and look at its numbers on the monster stat sheet. However, a skeleton can follow instructions. It can sense and perceive the world around it, albeit limited and different that humans do. All of that indicates that there is a mind present; however, it is infinitesimally small, registering as a zero as a metric. This is true about its spirit or soul as well.

Why does that matter? The answer is because many aspects of Enchanted Realms has been built upon the fantasy world physics of these aspects being the building blocks of life -- even if life has a little different meaning in the game. I know, it's a bit difficult to think of the undead as a form of life, but in a fantascientific category, the undead have “life.” Further, how things work, world interactions, rules outside the numbers, explanations of cosmology, metaphysics and even epistemology -- the building blocks of fantasy-world physics (chimerics) are based on the concepts of Body, Mind and Spirit and other rules of three. These explanations behind how things work are very different than how they do on Earth, even if observably there is virtually no difference. More on this spread through out the rulebook, but as a player, the thing to remember is this is a fantasy world where dragons and fairies roam, where fire is evoked into existence by command, where spirits warn warriors on their journeys. Don't expect earthly explanations to mean the same, and the numbers used in the game are merely representations of something greater, the balance of many variables, not just a math problem to be solved.