Enchanted Realms Online

Independent Fantasy Gaming System

Free copies of the game documents are available from the Downloads page. If you like and use the system, consider sending a $5 donation via Paypal. The link is available on the Downloads page.

Enchanted Realms was created to be played using a third-party virtual table application, and specifically Roll20.net. The rules are designed to keep many of the “problems” of role-playing games by pushing the math onto an API which manages combat, target selection, spell-casting and many other time-consuming aspects of any RPG. This encourages collaborative story-telling rather than sessions of hack-n-slash.

Because of concerns with restrictions by class, too much math and overly slow, complex combat, this game took steps to mitigate those matters. Does it fix everything? No, what system does? But it does address them and offers some variations of the rules to handle different styles of different groups.

Feel free to experiment and submit ideas. Submit them to enchanted@StylishJava.com.

Meanwhile, take a look around at the site and details of the Enchanted Realms World.