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Welcome to Enchanted Realms

Enchanted Realms is a fantasy role-playing game where the players use their imaginations to act as a character in a world of heroes, sorcerers, monster bandits, giants, and the undead. Players create their own custom persona, then acquire skills to interact in this world. After successfully completing quests, the character is rewarded with treasure, fame and the opportunity to acquire in more skills, which will allow the character and his or her companions the chance to take on even more difficult quests.

Game play is enhanced by technology, as this fantasy system was designed to be played using a third-party virtual table application, and specifically Roll20.net. The rules are built into the backend API which manages combat, target selection, spell-casting, the math, and many other time-consuming aspects. This allows combat to become more strategic than “min-maxing,” and further encourages collaborative story-telling when the game is about social interaction.

The game is available for free. PDF copies can be downloaded or the rules read online here from this site. However, if you like and use the system, please consider sending a $5 donation via Paypal.